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Title: Odd Leveler issues
Post by: jbnkent on December 29, 2019, 01:21:20 PM
We have a 2005 Bounder 35e with only 20k, we replaced the Atwood Leveleg Controller about three months ago and everything was working fine, but we went to Ventura, California for Thanksgiving and experienced a lot of rain, but when we got home the left rear level was saying it wasn't up all the way. However, we were still able to put them up and down manually. Yesterday we took it out to have the tires checked for NYE trip and at this point, couldn't use them manually and every time we applied the brakes it would try and retract all of the levelers, this was only for a second because they are all up. We disconnected the controller and to our dismay, it still attempted to retract them each time we braked. Strange. So we disconnected each leveler from underneath so it would stop making the noise and not ruin them altogether. Help!

Thank you,
John B
Title: Re: Odd Leveler issues
Post by: malexander on December 30, 2019, 01:30:49 PM
I have an '07 Bounder 38N. I had a lot of problems with levelers. Long story short, there was lots of corrosion on the connectors and the leveler brake(s).
I'd start by taking everything apart and cleaning it thoroughly, then make sure everything is sealed good from water when you put it all back together.