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Title: From our wheels to your wheels
Post by: wheels-on -wheels on March 12, 2005, 01:48:20 AM
Gee whiz guys, are we glad to find you!

Keith & I were full-timing along the CA coast about 7 years.  We didn't know anything about RV's, Rving, or nothing concerning RVing.  We just bought one, got in it, drove off and started.  We were so ignorant we wondered why no one else was doing it.  (lol,lol,lol......)  Gee, ther were only three million  full-timers per Good Sam.  By the time we found the full-timing manual, we could've written it, and we learneds it the hard way.  NOT THIS TIME!   We-all are going to ask you-all know anything about living in Mexico in your trailer.   ;-)