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Title: wind / solar combo kit
Post by: bigtexan99 on September 10, 2011, 07:29:35 PM
I came across this wind / solar kit on ebay that looks mighty interesting.  Ebay # 160629572509   

It should be enough to keep my 2 batteries charged, but I recognize it won't be able to juice any AC stuff.  Still, I can get by on 12v and propane for the most part.   

My question is about mounting the turbine... I have a Jayco Designer 5w 34 foot.  I'm leary of mounting the wind turbine on the roof.   

Any ideas?   Maybe a standalone pole mount?

Here is the details on the wind turbine.

 The units are very small, about 14" long from the tip of the prop to the end of the tailfin.
They come with a blocking diode installed so as not to discharge your battery when the wind isn't turning the turbine.
The main beam (frame) is made of 3/4" steel square tubing and painted black. Plastic plugs are used to cap the ends of the
tubing to give a nice, finished appearance.
The downtube (the part that slips into your mounting pole, etc.) is 1" steel and is welded to the main beam.
A two blade 15" prop comes with each unit. It is made of durable plastic and the actual prop color may vary.

Title: Re: wind / solar combo kit
Post by: Tony_Alberta on September 10, 2011, 08:06:13 PM
30 watts is really two amps.  Solar panel is 20 watts so assuming it's mounted flat on the roof it's really only one amp for say 8 hours on a sunny day. So in a 24 hour period with constant wind you would get in 32 amps.    That sounds kind of low for most people.

Ideally wind turbines should be mounted 30' above the nearest object that blocks the wind so as to reduce turbulence.   That means a 45' pole which is rather impractical so you're going to get less than the 30 watts.

That said I've seen wind turbine kits installed on a 20' steel pole with guy wires.   These were for a solar/wind power Internet service provider using radios and panels in farming country.
Title: Re: wind / solar combo kit
Post by: denmarc on September 11, 2011, 06:33:34 AM
Might work for house battery maintenance while the RV is unoccupied if your a weekender.  Otherwise, doesn't look good.
Title: Re: wind / solar combo kit
Post by: Alfa38User on September 11, 2011, 08:47:42 AM
Wind turbines/solar combinations are often used on sailboats by full time sailors in the Caribbean. Most are much bigger than the one you are looking at to be practical. (John Canfield may be able to give some perspective on this aspect.)

For myself, having been aboard sailboats so equipped, I found the noise and vibration of the wind turbine to be very annoying after a while. YMMV....