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Title: Ukulele on the road
Post by: Tom on March 20, 2012, 11:09:25 PM
When we left home a couple of weeks ago, I loaded a couple of ukes on the coach, figuring there had to be at least one ukulele group here in the Indio/Palm Springs area. An internet search found the Palm Desert Ukulele Strummers but, after four days of unsuccessful phone calls, I almost gave up. Last Saturday, I stumbled on a different phone number, and voilla!

Today I attended their practice session at a location in Palm Desert. I hadn't previously played or sung some of their songs, while others were being played &/or sung somewhat differently. But I still had a blast. Interestingly, a number of their group is made up of RVing snowbirds,

Talking with their players, I discovered there are two other uke groups in the area, and I was invited to attend. I can't make it to the Indio group tomorrow, but plan to attend the La Quinta group on Friday.