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Title: Beginner ukulele players entertain cruise ship
Post by: Tom on October 05, 2014, 08:19:12 PM
A relatively new couple to our band, and new to the ukulele, are currently on an 11-week cruise to Australia. This is a couple who normally sit in the back row at our practices, hoping that nobody will notice if they fan (skip) some chords and don't sing.

I pleaded with them to take their ukuleles on the cruise, which they did. The first 5 days cruising to Hilo offered ukulele classes, which they took. They were invited to join the pro band and play for the evening entertainment, which they (reluctantly) did.

The video is from the prior night's rehearsal. Sorry, we don't have a video of the 'live' event. My hat is off to this couple for stepping forward. Note that this is a 5MB file.

They also played our signature (non-Hawaiian) song to the class, and got an ovation. We also don't have video of that.