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Title: Working at the KOA?
Post by: capatton on September 09, 2015, 05:52:55 AM
Can anyone recommend the KOA? Their work site is lovely, they do require $35 annual fee for a list of ads, but what has been your experience? Have you discovered that it is strictly FHU or is there opportunity for additional funds? Thank you for your information
Title: Re: Working at the KOA?
Post by: NY_Dutch on September 09, 2015, 07:09:31 AM
Since most KOA campgrounds are independently owned and operated, I expect the details regarding work camping availability and compensation are as diverse as the campgrounds.
Title: Re: Working at the KOA?
Post by: RayShreve on September 27, 2015, 07:12:33 PM
My wife and I have worked at several KOA campgrounds, and several independent campgrounds.  There are good, and not so good in both, as to the KOA one was a corporate owned and the others were franchised.  We knew that it was going to be short term (6 months) and choose them as to location.  WE did do some research first and did not go in wanting to change anything, just do the job as they wished ( within reason) have fun and enjoy the summer as it would be over very fast.  Most Koa have tours from them to local attractions, which employees get at free or reduced rates and/or vouchers  for admissions.  KOA have some high standards for their parks so they are usually good stays.

We did join KOA work camping program, a wise ideal.  when you verify you are going to work for a KOA campground you will receive vouchers for over night camping on the way to the new job (2 or 3 as needed) which paid back the $35 fee on the first job.   
Title: Re: Working at the KOA?
Post by: Maddie on October 24, 2015, 11:22:32 AM
I have not worked for KOA yet, but am very interested in one for next April, if I get hired.

They are corporate owned, which means they pay you for every hour that you work ($9.50, I think).  Then, they deduct $35/week from your salary for the sight.  They ask that you work at least 30 hours/week.  Beautiful cg and are planning on more upgrades this winter.

Doesn't sound bad to me.
Title: Re: Working at the KOA?
Post by: jnlo2000 on November 17, 2015, 06:15:23 PM
We have been blessed to work at some really great KOAs since 2012. Each one, as previously stated by NY Dutch has had a variety of compensation. Some offer a set number of hours just for site  and some offer a little bit of pay and site. We have worked both franchise and corporate owned and have not yet had a bad experience.  Each one has been uniquely different and we have learned a great deal each time. It is worth paying the annual fee to get on the work at KOA website which you can then submit your resume and search work amount opportunities.