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Title: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: TruckeeGirl on November 30, 2015, 09:49:23 PM
Any suggestions?  Want to stop for a night to visit my neice who lives in N. Hollywood and not finding many options for an overnight.  There is an RV park in Van Nuys called Balboa Park but all the reviews indicated super small sites that are difficult to get in to if over 24 ft.  My TT alone is 30 ft, I did not want to unhook the truck as I want to leave for Phoenix very early the next morning.....

Any help is greatly appreciated  :)
Title: Re: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: Lou Schneider on November 30, 2015, 10:15:45 PM
You're right, Balboa RV park really isn't set up for a quick in and out overnight stop.  The problem is the park was laid out in straight rows off of a central road for WWII vintage mobile homes - it was built as wartime housing for pilots at the nearby Van Nuys airport.

It's not that the spaces are all that small, they're just short so you have to unhitch and park your truck on one of the park streets instead of leaving it hitched to your trailer.  The owner and staff are super friendly and will gladly use their forklift to park your trailer in the space and tow it out when you're ready to leave, and while this is practical for a stay of a couple of days or longer, it's not for a quick in and out.

Your best bet is probably Valencia Trailer Village in Castaic.  It's on Highway 126 about a half mile west of I-5, about 20 minutes north of North Hollywood if traffic is flowing.  Have your niece drive up and go out to dinner at one of the restaurants around Magic Mountain.

When you're ready to head out, you can miss most of the L.A. traffic if you head north on Hwy 14 to the Antelope Valley and take Pearblossom Highway to CA 138 east to I-15.  CA 138 passes along the northern side of the mountains defining the L.A. Basin and has a bad reputation but that's before they made most of it 4 lanes wide.   I often go that way whenever I have to go from Van Nuys to the Palm Springs/Indio area and it's much nicer than fighting the L.A. Traffic. Just make sure your miss the morning rush hour traffic going southbound on I-15/I-215 into San Bernardino.
Title: Re: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: halfwright on November 30, 2015, 11:25:05 PM
I have no personal information about these parks. I found them listed on

Dockweiler RV Park

Thousand Trails Soledad Canyon Park
Title: Re: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: Lou Schneider on December 01, 2015, 12:51:22 PM
Walnut is worth a try, it's a small park a few miles north of Balboa.  I forgot about them.  They have a more typical space layout so there shouldn't be a problem getting in and out.

Dockweiler State Beach is just south of LAX in the middle of the city, getting to or from it will be an exercise of frustration in L.A. traffic.  Even getting from there to North Hollywood will be a challenge depending on the time of day because the Hollywood Hills are in between and there are only a couple of traffic clogged routes through them.
Title: Re: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: TruckeeGirl on December 01, 2015, 07:09:32 PM
Thank you everyone for all the information.  My neice tells me that there is a park a few blocks away that she sees RV parked along the main road all the time.  She thinks I should park there.  Not too sure about that, I like to have a plan  :)
Title: Re: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: Sam! on December 01, 2015, 07:15:52 PM
last resort (no pun intended) walmart...
Title: Re: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: garyb1st on December 01, 2015, 08:23:50 PM
We live near North Hollywood.  First, I'm not aware of any RV parks other than those mentioned.  Second, I'd be leery of parking on the street.  Taggers abound in this area.  However, if you do, know that you can park an RV on the street for 3 days before being subject to ticketing.  I don't know about sleeping in it.  That said, my daughter has slept in my RV while parked in front of my home without problem.   The closest Walmart is not in the safest neighborhood.  If you do decide to stay in an RV park, stay at Walnut.  While it's likely more, you'll spend less time and money on gas commuting to see your daughter.
Title: Re: Overnight in North Hollywood CA
Post by: TruckeeGirl on January 23, 2016, 10:47:31 AM

Just wanted to let you all know that I ended up staying at Balboa RV Park and they were very accommodating.  I called ahead and explained that I just wanted a quick over-night and did not want to unhook the TT so I needed about 54' space.  They said no problem - they would put me in overflow/storage parking which is at the end of the park and has electric/sewer hook ups.  When I arrived, the owner Steve took over and parked it for me.  Actually set me up to simply pull straight out early the next morning.   

Very nice people and I would stay again.   My niece picked me up in her little sports car and scared the heck out me on the Hollywood freeway -not particularly fond of being able to read the dmv sticker numbers on the tags of the car in front of me at 70mph- why do young people tailgate??   Had a nice dinner and visit with her and hit the road at 5 am the next morning.