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Title: Traveling into USA from Canada
Post by: soundmill on January 02, 2016, 12:46:55 AM
Hi All
We are planning our first trip into the USA from Canada this spring in our new Bounder 36e. We have travelled into the USA several years ago by car without issue but this will be a new experience for us. I have looked through several discussions on this forum for information on crossing the border. I've been to the CBP site but I can't seem to find anything specifically related to crossing in a motorhome. Do we need any specific documentation beyond our passports and ID? Are there any special vehicle insurance requirements or certifications we need to be aware of? Any advice/information will be welcomed.
Title: Re: Traveling into USA from Canada
Post by: Hfx_Cdn on January 02, 2016, 08:37:11 AM
     Welcome to the Forum.  As for your question, you will need the identical documentation as if you were travelling in a car, there are no special RV requirements.  Things you will need to know are that you cannot bring citrus fruit of any type, and you should check if there are any restricted product at the local border you will be using, for example potatoes are sometimes banned if there has been an outbreak of blight.  Exchange your money before crossing, it will be much easier, buy money orders if you want.
     Depending on where you are heading, you might want to look at something like Passport America, which provides a discount on campgrounds.  Google their site, and see if would be any benefit.

Title: Re: Traveling into USA from Canada
Post by: Elly Dalmaijer on January 09, 2016, 07:05:09 PM
We cross many times from Alberta into the US with our RV and 90% of the time the guards will come into the motorhome, carefully look through your fridge and remove whatever cannot be imported. Just apologize and tell them that you didn't know. Each border crossing has slightly different produce rules depending on what the area grows.  Apart from looking in our fridge they also always checked the wardrobe (I guess we could hide a person in there) and the shower/washroom. It is all very businesslike. You just open the side door and after that stay in your seat. Have your engine turned off as soon as you pull up to the window. Take off your sunglasses. Know your licence plate number. Know a name of a campground/RV park where you will be staying or at least might be staying.
Have your passports handy. We've never in all the years we have been crossing the border with an RV (since 1970) been asked for insurance papers. BUT.....
on one occasion they surprised us by asking for a secondary piece of information (apart from the valid passports). When I could not produce a drivers licence with a photo because I had just been issued a new licence the border guard told me that a Costco card would make a perfectly fine ID as far as he was concerned. Go figure..... Zip your lips,do what they say in a pleasant way, and the whole border crossing is a piece of cake!

Title: Re: Traveling into USA from Canada
Post by: soundmill on January 09, 2016, 07:28:18 PM
Thanks Hfx and Elly. Kind of what I thought but was just curious. I hate complications in situations like boarder crossings and like to be prepared.
Title: Re: Traveling into USA from Canada
Post by: Alfa38User on January 10, 2016, 02:56:16 PM
Answer only the questions you are asked in a clear and concise manner, don't add any additional information. Know where you will be staying if you can but say so but only if you are asked directly.