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Title: Come visit Romania!
Post by: Guguluff on January 28, 2016, 02:38:24 PM
I noticed that no so many RV-ers visit other countries and especially East European countries. But if someone is interested in some adventures maybe they should include Romania and that part of the world in their itinerary.
I can translate information and articles from Romanian and I can help with some resources for RVing there.
Romania is part of the European Union and if you visit Germany, Austria, with some gas and some patience you could find yourself in the land of Dracula, in no time.  ;)
You have to expect not so many highways after you cross the border, but more scenic routes and rural arias. You can find there mountains, hills, plains, lots of rivers, the Black Sea, Danube Delta, mud volcanoes, stunning views and impressive castles, monasteries, churches.
Boondocking is possible year round in the countryside, mountains, by the rivers but you can also find camping grounds near all major attractions.
We do not own an RV or trailer but we went camping a lots of times by the sea or in the Carpathian Mountains. 
On Valea Cerbului lots of tourists camp all summer long.
And on Vama Veche beach you can find a hippie paradise.
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: cadee2c on January 28, 2016, 03:28:57 PM
I would love to go there, and also Croatia, and Australia and Germany etc etc. I think one of the reasons not many people from the US go over there is because there are so many places to see here that we simply don't have enough time.
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: Guguluff on January 28, 2016, 08:07:47 PM
That too. And the airplane tickets are so freaking expensive!
And the cost of renting the RV will add up to the trip expenses. But their is a lot of history, incredible castles and palaces, impressive monasteries and cathedrals.
I never visited Croatia but Austria & Germany are so beautiful. I liked Germany and Switzerland, more that Hungary and Austria. Also Greece is such a beautiful country to camp in, especially by the sea and in their islands.
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: VallAndMo on February 09, 2016, 09:02:07 AM

We've RVed in Southern Germany (Bavaria) for 2 weeks in February 2011 and loved it.

We plan to return during Spring in the future, to see the rest of the country and perhaps a few other nearby countries. Romania looks like a good place to visit, will be sure to consider it then.

Thanks for the tip,
   Vall & Mo.
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: Guguluff on February 09, 2016, 01:27:37 PM
You're welcome! We loved Bavaria, too. I know that Romania it's not a popular destination, but it's an interesting one. It will be more rural than Germany. In the country side one can still find peasants plowing with a wooden plow:, cutting grass with a scythe or oxen pulling a cart:
I've found a few videos about Romania.
General information:
Transalpina road 7,037' above sea level:
Transfagarasan road 6,700' :
And about the Wild Carpathia (Mountains of Transylvania)
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: Elly Dalmaijer on February 14, 2016, 10:06:10 PM
We camped with a little VW camper in what was then still called Czechoslowakia in 1992, also to Hungary. In 2006 we again rented a tiny camper van in Frankfurt, drove down through Slovenia, down the coast of Croatia to Dubrovnik, took the ferry to Bari, and then traveled up the whole length of Italy, zigzagging to catch the places we wanted to visit.
After that we tent camped from Holland to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, we also tent camped all over France during  four summers.

One of the reasons why we did not continue south from Dubrovnik to Albania, or east from Hungary to Romania or Bulgaria is that rental companies do not allow us to go there. And after I camped two weeks in a tent last summer, after my 72nd birthday, I decided to hang up the tent pegs. I'm not sure we have the money to stay in hotels ,  but oh how I would love to go to Romania!!!

Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: Guguluff on February 16, 2016, 03:49:35 PM
You inspire me! I hope to be as active and adventurous as you are, when I'll be your age.  :)
And you've traveled so much in Europe... I'm a little jealous. Even though I spent my entire life there I didn't travel that much outside my country (actually we traveled a lot but the airplane-motel-rent-a-car way). If you ever go to that part of Europe again you can rent a travel trailer or maybe a class C from Romania. The prices for TTs are around 15-50 Euros/ day. Or a class C like this one for 500 euros/ week plus some other fees for insurance, cleaning solutions, etc.
You can visit Romania, Bulgaria and Greece in a two weeks long trip.
Romania is part of the UE since 2007. Maybe that's why the German renting company didn't allow you to go outside the Union in 2006.
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: JohnHChicago on November 11, 2016, 03:29:06 PM
I read your posts on driving a camper in Romania, the only problem is that it appears that most (if not all) rental Rv's from Germany specifically prohibit bringing the vehicle to Romania or Bulgaria. This in unfortunate in that as you note Romania is a picturesque and beautiful country to visit.
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: SeilerBird on November 11, 2016, 04:03:32 PM
I spent ten years living in my RV traveling full time. I visited all 48 of the lower 48 and all 46 National Parks in the lower 48. I honestly do not feel like I saw 5% of what I wanted to see. So until I get sick of traveling in the US I would never consider going to a foreign country. But thank you for the invitation. :D
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: Arch Hoagland on November 12, 2016, 12:17:39 AM
Guguluff...About how much does it cost to rent an RV there...say about the size of a 24' class C?
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: bernd61hd on November 16, 2016, 10:52:04 AM
Hello Arch, in Europe you have only small RV. like a Class C Ford Transit or Fiat Dukato. Is only 22 to 23 ft. Then you have a cassette for the black tank. Kost a lot for 3 week. I think a day 50 usd.
Greeting from Germany
Title: Re: Come visit Romania!
Post by: Elly Dalmaijer on November 27, 2016, 03:02:24 PM
About the cost of renting an RV in Europe: we have rented five times. Twice through an outfit we would not recommend. Three times through Excellent service and I can recommend them.

Do remember that roads in Europe are MUCH narrower.  than here in North America. Driving through small towns in France or Italy is a challenge, even in a Sprinter/Fort Transit-type unit, because in the narrow streets the house front are right on the streets (no yards), so there is little margin for error.  Parking, for example to get groceries can be a never ending challenge. You won't fit in any parking garage  on most lots, or on intown street parking. In short: rent the SMALLEST unit you can possibly cram yourself into! Unless you are happy to stay on the larger roads, and in larger towns where there is often a supermarket with a larger lot on the outskirts.