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Title: Workampers Wanted Travel and Pay
Post by: AEMitchell on May 20, 2016, 07:09:44 PM
My wife, Ginny and I were full time Workampers from 1996 to 2003.  We now own Redwood Graphics, the company for whom we Workamped for all those years.  Redwood Graphics provides free specialized signage to RV Parks and has been utilizing the services of RV’ers for many years.

We are seeking full time and part time Workampers to travel across the United States, as they provide our Landmark signage to RV Parks and RV Resorts.  Our Workampers are independent contractors who earn commissions as they travel the country and live in places they’ve only dreamed about. They are provided two week Complementary RV sites at their destination RV parks across the nation. We offer a relaxed and self-paced work environment.  How much money you want to earn is totally up to you.

Please check out our website for more detailed information regarding our Workamper experience, then call 352-816-5898 or email us for an interview today.   

Our Workamper adventure:

Samples of our RV Park/Resort signs:

Thank you,
Mitchell & Ginny Avnaim