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Title: Any tips for over-wintering in Sonora Mexico (San Carlos)?
Post by: patagoniadave on September 01, 2016, 12:00:04 PM
Hello, I am wondering if there is anyone out there with experience in long term stays in Mexico (specifically San Carlos) that would be willing to take me under their wing to make sure I am not missing anything? My father has a fenced property in the Ranchitos, and I am going to at least start my stay there while getting a feel for it. My questions are all about the nitty gritty logistics. Is there a good Mexico rv insurance that will cover extras like solar panels and generators and computers? What is the proper visa and paperwork at the 21 kilometer mark. When are the best times for border crossings, when is traffic lightest on the freeway. Have you had any trouble with T-mobiles North America plan? Is it safe to camp on the beach at LA Manga (or anywhere). I will probably have many other annoying minor questions.

Thanks in advance.