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Title: First trip of the year
Post by: RoyM on September 15, 2016, 02:35:14 PM
Due to DW's medical issues the trailer has been parked all summer but we were finally able to get away for a few days. We left Saturday in the rain then blew a trailer tire just before Field. Lug wrench was in the garage (sigh) so waited two hours for BCAA to show up. On the road again to Alberta where we got dinged 16 bucks to use the Ice Fields Parkway. Pulled off the road at Rocky Mountain House and set up for the night. Tried to light the furnace, the fan started then quit. It worked fine at home.
We survived a chilly night then bought a space heater at Canadian Tire which served us well. Then the hot water heater gave me grief, it started fine but the pilot light would go out so it wouldn't cycle. Again it passed the pretrip check ::).
The weather cleared and we had a couple of nice days exploring the area, her Finnish ancestors were early settlers. We then moved to Edson to visit family and had a good time. Started for home yesterday and the old spare  tire we installed Saturday decided it wanted no part of this game. Bought another tire, lost an hour and finally made it home. Other than that we had a good time, the sunny days and fall colors made for an enjoyable drive. Ain't rving grand? ;D
Title: Re: First trip of the year
Post by: legrandnormand on September 15, 2016, 08:03:50 PM
Rving is at its best when you are well prepared, which was'nt your case.  :-\
Hope that you have learned your lesson and that the next trip will be a lot better !  ;)
Title: Re: First trip of the year
Post by: SargeW on September 16, 2016, 07:20:21 AM
Not so much not being prepared, but rather highlights the fact that RV's like to be used.  Tires sitting and not being used will rot from the inside and cause failures.  I would recommend consider changing the rest of them before the next trip to save more problems.   

And the appliances need to exercised regularly as well. And not for just a few minutes, but run them until they are good and warm.  Other than that, you handled each bump very competently.  More experience for the next trip!
Title: Re: First trip of the year
Post by: BinaryBob on September 16, 2016, 07:30:03 AM
What Marty said...
It's not the bumps along the way, but how you adapt and handle them.
Good luck on the next trip.