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Tech Talk / Re: Winterizing: When is enough - enough?
« Last post by RedandSilver on Today at 06:38:59 PM »
That's why I always blow out all the lines with 40psi from compressor and only add pink stuff to sink drains and toilet. Don't have to worry about freezing.

Me too.  Blow out the lines and add the pink to sink drains the toilet and the washer drain pipe.
I don't think you will want to leave your dog in the camper without an electric hookup for the AC. Camper can get pretty hot in the afternoon sun.
It depends on when the OP goes. If the plans are for this fall, a very nice time of year there, he will be fine. Just cool down the trailer at night when the temperatures drop, close the shades on the sunny side, open the windows on the shady side, and run all the fans you can during the day. However if this is a summer trip, the temperatures in this area can easily get to 100 ide and otter than that inside. Totally different story, and I wouldn't dream of doing it without a hookup and AC.
A few days ago I received an announcement from the Death Valley 49ers that Sunset Campground, the big gravel parking lot with room for hundreds of units, will not be opening on time this year. Due to an HR reading from executive NPS staff, their seasonal hiring plans were thrown out and must be restarted. At this point, Sunset will be open on noon Friday, November 3 until noon on Monday, November 13th because the park has a MOA with the 49ers for their encampment. Texas Spring and Mesquite campgrounds won't open at all until the hiring situation is resolved. The NPS campgrounds at Furnace Creek and Stovepipe are open because they are considered required for safety and health issues. I don't know about the concessionaire campgrounds at either location, but I assume they are open. This really is a big deal. This is in addition to the headaches resulting from the concessionaire tearing down and rebuilding pretty much all of the Furnace Creek area. Much of that area (now know as The Oasis at Death Valley) is closed. Before anyone heads to DVNP his season, be sure to check the park's website for updated information.
Photography and imaging / Re: Grand Canyon photos
« Last post by Larry N. on Today at 06:31:07 PM »
You've got a lot of beautiful shots, Tom, as we would expect. Although it's not the most beautiful (canyon views and squirrels and sunsets and animals of various sorts, etc. etc. are prettier), the one with the condor and airliner flying opposite directions really caught my eye -- neat shot. I also like the almost puzzled look on the bobcat's face, and I love the one called "sheep chewing."

You have a lot to be proud of there, Tom -- thanks for sharing with us.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Age when buying an RV for the 1st time
« Last post by Tom on Today at 06:28:38 PM »
Interesting responses. We bought our first motorhome in our late 30's. We'd towed a boat to local waterways with a Ford Bronco 3 or 4 weekends a month, and slept aboard the cuddy cabin. After several years of this, we decided we should buy a van conversion so we could sleep in a campground. We kept looking at nicer and nicer vans, then realized we could buy a motorhome for what some of the high-end vans cost. That started a new perspective on "camping" and boating.
Motorhomes / Re: Motor Home condensation question.
« Last post by Spring Creek on Today at 06:26:30 PM »
You shouldn't be creating much if any moisture from your furnace because it's vented.  While burning propane does create moisture, that is in an un-vented situation.  So, your first post was right on... your stove and or oven is the source of some of the moisture.

In the northern climates (rural areas) where propane is the main heating source, burning propane in a vented furnace actually consumes moisture, which is why we have to actually run humidifiers in the winter so our skin doesn't fall off from cracking  :P
Tech Talk / Re: Winterizing: When is enough - enough?
« Last post by mweber (KC9NPT) on Today at 06:12:32 PM »
That's why I always blow out all the lines with 40psi from compressor and only add pink stuff to sink drains and toilet. Don't have to worry about freezing.
Destinations, RV Parks, Routes / Re: I10 Overnight
« Last post by rvannie23 on Today at 06:06:33 PM »
We've stayed at Cajun Palms in In Henderson, LA (near Lafayette). Exit 115. Nice park.

Is that a swim up bar  :o lol this place looks awesome and very easy to get to.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions I seriously appreciate it. I wasnt getting far searching on my own there is so much out there.
Who makes seat covers to fit this motorhome?
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