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Motorhomes / Basic Tow/Haul question
« Last post by jymbee on Today at 10:02:30 PM »
I use Tow/Haul haul mode often when going down hills but it's not clear to me how it's intended to work when going up hills. Does it just reduce the amount of downshifting, or... ?

I think that Framily members that attend Quartzsite may be concerned about the responsibility or liability of using this on someone having a heart attack.  I have not had any of the QZ bunch to respond.

I do think that there would be very little liability in trying to save someone with the same equipment that hangs on the walls at most airports.  It really is a simple device to use and certainly is preferable to doing nothing in a cardiac emergency.

As far as liability goes, unless the user were to deliberately do something that they knew to be wrong, any use of an automatic defibrillator will be covered by Good Samaritan laws, and the user would be absolved of any liability https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_Samaritan_law#United_States.

Lest anybody have any fears of using one, they really are easy. Some years back I was the Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs. One of our products was an automatic defibrillator. To test the ease of use, we gathered together several groups of adults, and also 8 to ten year old kids. None of them had ever used a defibrillator before. Although, I'm sure that most of them had seen defibrillators used on TV programs such as ER.

,One at a time, we sent each of them into a room with a defibrillator, and Resusci Anne. For those who don't know, Anne is the manikin used to teach CPR. We told each of them that Anne was unconscious, that this box was a defibrillator that might save her life. They were told to turn it on, and to do whatever whatever it told them to do. An observer was in the room to grade each person's performance.

We were not surprised that nobody completely failed. We were a bit surprised that on the whole, the kids slightly outperformed the adults. The main difference being that the kids were less hesitant.


General Discussion / Re: Chassis and house batteries voltage
« Last post by garyb1st on Today at 08:13:47 PM »
I believe the engine alternator in a modern vehicle operates between 12.6 and 14.5v, but typically in the range 13.3-14.4.  I don't think its worth agonizing over 0.1v on either end.  The old adage applies about measuring with a micrometer when cutting with an ax.

Agree.  But it's not 0.1v, it's .5v or more. 

Disconnecting a battery from the charging source doesn't make the surface charge go away, whether in an hour or even overnight.  Self-discharge doesn't happen quickly.  It usually takes a few minutes under load to do that, e.g. 5 minutes with a 1.0 amp light bulb connected.
  But how do you explain the voltage drop from 13.2 to about 12.6 by simply disconnecting the two sets of batteries as explained in my reply to Henry? 
General Discussion / Re: Chassis and house batteries voltage
« Last post by garyb1st on Today at 08:09:12 PM »
This was your post below...............

Just checked the chassis and house batteries.  After sitting overnight, the chassis battery was reading about 13.2v.  That's too high for an at rest reading.  The house batteries were reading about 13.16v.  That indicates a discharge which doesn't make sense since almost no load.  After disconnecting the house batteries from the chassis battery, the chassis battery voltage dropped to about 12.65v and the house batteries increased to 13.26v.  So what's happening?

Henry,  I have always assumed that the positive and negative cables to the house batteries are from the chassis battery.  If not, then I have no idea how current goes from the alternator to the house batteries. 

When I say disconnect I'm simply talking about removing the battery cable from the positive and negative posts of the house battery.  Once I've done that, I believe I've broken any connection and a reading of the house batteries is simply that.  Likewise, the chassis batteries are no longer connected to the house batteries so any reading is strictly from the chassis battery.  However before removing the cables, current seemed to be flowing from the house to the chassis battery or visa versa.  Is this normal or is something else causing this?   
The Shade Tree / Re: Happy Thanksgiving to all
« Last post by IBTripping on Today at 08:02:40 PM »
Wishing everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday. Wish I could be with my friends and family, but I've got a serious aversion to ICUs and ventilators. However, I'm thankful that the pandemic will eventually pass. I can accept the delayed gratification and joy when normal returns.
Tesla showed a $104M profit in the 2Q2020


Yah.  Actually Tesla has had 5 profitable quarters in a row.  Which is why they were admitted into the S and P 500.  They actually have pretty good margins on all their cars and storage products.  Their problem is they spend a ton on R and D and build out of the Supercharger network all over the world.  This is a good thing in a way as this is their moat.  Buying any other EV means you have to put up with the slower clunky fast chargers.  Not always reliable and nowhere near as easy to pay for.  For the other networks you need either an RFID car, a credit card, or a phone app and then pay manually every time.  With a Supercharger you just plug in the car.  The car sends the network its serial number and you get automatically billed.  Super easy and convenient...and typically much faster...like 5 times as fast in many cases.  The other EV manufacturers will eventually catch up but for the moment Tesla is dominant. 
Think of all the folks employed because of junk mail. The UPS gets probably billions of dollars in revenue from circulars and other junk mail. The companies that print the junk mail are making money and employing people. The recycling company is making money and hiring folks. Itís a win win. And all we have to do is walk to the mailbox and on the way back took the junk in recycling. The ads on TV are easy, just mute them.

That's actually a good point. A lifetime ago I worked at a fairly large P.O. facility and junk mail was always a fall back to keep everyone busy on the sorting tables after the 1st class was processed. P.O. needs all the $$$ it can find these days.

As for TV commercials, I have not watched even a single whole commercial and most for less than 5 seconds (the maximum time it takes me to push the button)  in many years as we never watch anything "real time". We record anything we want to watch (TiVo) and fast forward through all ads. It's almost an anti-commercial obsession on my part. From time to time someone will ask me if I saw such and such commercial. Nope.

Could even care less about watching any of the Super Bowl commercials that so many go gaga over.
Because he did so well selling pantyhose.

OMG-- it took me all these years to get that image out of my mind and here you go bringing all that horror back again!  ::)  :-[
You might back up a bit and first ask what problems you have that needs fixing.  Is the coach underpowered?  If you get that extra horsepower, is it available at an rpm that is useful in normal driving?  Is the air suspension swaying or tilting in normal driving? Or just certain circumstances? Fixes for problems you don't have are just wasted money.
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