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General Discussion / LIVE CHAT ON NOW FOLKS
« Last post by jackiemac on Today at 06:22:04 PM »
The oldest live RV chat on he Internet is our Virtual Campfire.

You can find the Chat button on the menu bar above.  Here are the times for the Chat:

  7 pm Eastern Time
  6 pm Central Time
  5 pm Mountain Time
  4 pm Pacific Time.

Helpful Hints
--  When you log in, type in a name you like or your real first name.  It doesn't have to be your Forum name.
--  Leave the space for a password blank.
--  Bring your RV and travel questions.  If we don't know the answers we will try to direct you to an expert.
--  Participate in the discussion every 15 minutes or you will automatically be logged out.  If you don't have anything to say just type in "something".
--  Be sure to log out when you are finished participating.
--  You must have a good sense of humor.
--  If you are new to the Virtual Campfire you have to bring the virtual marshmallows.  Refer back to the previous item.
--  Final Hint ... Have Fun!
General Discussion / Re: Black tank
« Last post by ArdraF on Today at 06:19:41 PM »
There should always be SOME water in the toilet bowl.  It not only aids the flushing but it keeps the seal wet which is one thing that helps prevent odors coming up from the tank when the toilet is not being flushed.  If the seal dries out water in the bowl leaks down into the tank and leaves the bowl dry which results in a dry seal.  Some toilets have circuit boards and you can set a switch to have less water, more water, and maximum water.  Less water is for when you're traveling so water doesn't slosh out of the bowl and maximum is for when you're parked for a while and want more water in the bowl.  None of it is rocket science and much of it is common sense.  What you want to avoid is not having enough water in either the bowl or the tank because that's when you start to form the infamous poop pyramid that causes odors.

General Discussion / Re: Black tank
« Last post by 1930 on Today at 06:02:20 PM »
Before you sit down, fill the bowl about half way and use that water to flush. Don't be afraid to use plenty of water.
My wife and I go 1 week before I have to dump our 48 gallon tank. Our gages don't work so that's what I use as a gage.
Im gonna have to look in my owners book and see how big my tanks are. I dont plan to use them but its nice to know I could if/when I had too.
General Discussion / Re: Upside down :(
« Last post by ArdraF on Today at 05:59:37 PM »
I don't label all my photos but I do like to organize them into folders the same day I take them because I still know what I'm looking at.  For example under Photos I'll have a subfolder Moab 2013 then other subfolders under it such as Shaffer Trail, Deadhorse State Park, Arches - Delicate Arch, Arches - Double O Arch, Arches - Fiery Furnace.

Also, for sending photos I like Imazeresizer.exe.  When I have a photo on the screen I right click and a drop-down menu has Resize Pictures and it gives three choices of Small, Medium, and Large.  It works great. I use it on Windows.

I'm going on 7 years and about 70,000 miles with my Trav'ler on my 3rd RV. No problems with the Trav'ler.  This includes at trip to Alaska which included about 600 miles of unpaved road travel.  Also we seldom stay in one place longer than a week. Many times only 1-3 days.  So the Trav'ler goes up, find the satellite, fine tune and then in a day or 5 stow the dish, a lot.  We have also traveled in the RV from 4-10 months in each of the 7 years. 
General Discussion / Re: Upside down :(
« Last post by jackiemac on Today at 05:22:57 PM »
I do, except for some that remain on my phone (but later I'll do those, too). And I'll often have 200 or more pictures to pull in from one trip or activity, so I use software to help. Nikon supplied a file transfer program to use with its cameras and I have other software for other sources, whether stills or videos.

When pulling the pictures into my computer, I use a program that does batch filenames and auto increment on those names. With most programs I'll initially pull them in named something like NewTusconTrip_########_?? where the # symbol represents mmddyyyy for the date and ?? represents picture number, perhaps with more or less digits, depending on how many I pull in. The program(s) I use to bring them in all automatically increment the ?? numbers (so you get ??=01, 02, 03, etc) and some will also supply the date. Those that I pull in at one time go into a folder with a somewhat similar name.

Later I use a program called ACDSee for my photo management, and it allows me to rename in batches, as well as to add comments, captions, and more to document the pictures and activities (and there's more, from slideshows to finding duplicates to...). I also can view the pix (almost like a light board) so that I can cull bad pix, tag or other special notation for special pix, rearrange the pix, rename in small groups such as Jones family or animal pix or whatever else is needed, make and save slideshows and much, much more.

In other words, you don't have to individually rename each and every file manually unless it's so unique that the name only fits one or two pix -- automation and batch work is wonderful.
Larry that sounds awfully complicated....
General Discussion / Re: Upside down :(
« Last post by jackiemac on Today at 05:21:52 PM »
Why would you be surprised. Donít all guys park their MCís in the kitchen.  :P
My father in law tried it when they lived in a flat, they got divorced.   :o
Motorhomes / Re: Willing to comment on 3 Class A models?
« Last post by Laura & Charles on Today at 05:15:47 PM »
Curtains match cabinet grain matches tile pattern/color matches paneling  ...  We got no further than heads in the door on many coaches and my bride said, “nope” and we’d move on... great timesaver.
Once you get the floor plan basics set (wish list, wants, must haves); that stuff becomes important. Laura really didn’t like the dark tile/cabinets/carpets/paneling/curtains that seemed so prevalent in the model years we were shopping for. Once we more or less knew what we wanted, it reall was a time saving barometer.
General Discussion / Re: Replacing a leaking water heater
« Last post by andonso on Today at 05:14:25 PM »
I think if i decide not to get the 6 gal alum. replacement tank for the Atwood RV water heater.  I'm going to purchase the one from Home Depot which I'm told can be run from a 20 amp breaker in the RV.

I will probably eventually wire it in to it's own 25 amp breaker using 10 gauge wire.

it uses a 2000 watt element

2000 watts at 120 volts = 2000/120 = 16.66 amps however the manufacture I'm told recommends a 25 amp breaker where elect. codes requires #10 wire


Also would probably need to find

A drain pan. The one that fits this water heater at home depot is 20 inch internal x 21 inches external can be crammed into a 20 inch depth space without modifications.

Water lines 15 to 24 inches to connect to the motorhome pex tubing.

T-valve  with spigot to connect to the water inlet for draining the tank.

20 gallons isn't all that much hot water and the recovery time I'm told is from around ~one to ~two hours depending on the temperature of the water supply and the amount of insulation surrounding the water heater.

General Discussion / Re: Help finding slide manual override
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 05:14:07 PM »
I think you probably have Power Gear brand slides. If so, the "override' consists of of flipping the lock lever on the motor to the Release (freewheel) position and applying a 3/4" wrench to the other end of the drive shaft. You provide the wrench, preferably a ratcheting type cause it's a lot of cranking.

The instructions should be in the Power Gear slide Operation manual, on the page immediately before the diagram you posted.


It says to disconnect motor power leads or unplug wire from controller, but that's a safety precaution.
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