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I think we should start a post on what is Open...
 I know my post is not talking about a new closurer... but wait... All of Utah State parks closed to non county residents...   I am guessing only RV commercial parks are open. Getting ready to head home 1400 miles here next week,  in Las Vegas you can't take Northshore road it is closed... from Laughlin, to Nevada Hwy. 93...have to go thru Vegas...  not much open... hopefully some BLM. I did call BLM office last week, still open, next state Idaho, closed, next Montana closed... ugh ugh..
The Shade Tree / Re: Are my birdhouse holes too small
« Last post by Hanr3 on Today at 09:56:33 PM »
Bird house size, location, opening size all depends on the birds in your area and of those which species you want to nest.
I live in Illinois and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) publishes booklets on various birds and housing.
This one is for Bluebirds.

Check with your local natural resources office, or search the web for the species.
On the water / Re: Change of CA Delta scenery
« Last post by Boat Addict on Today at 09:41:35 PM »
Meanwhile, if I'm out on the water, the birds are a dead giveaway for the location of schools of shad - they're actively diving and coming up with fish.

When seals come into the bay, all bets are off. They'll dive and come up with a striper, then beat the fish on the surface to break open their gut.

We get Cobia under big schools of shad around June here by casting big jigs into the bait balls and letting them sink a bit. Billfish will corral huge bait balls and that's a sight. Now since the underwater cameras has improved, the videos are really awesome. I had not heard the story about the seals breaking the gut of the fish.  Hopefully if we get a chance to do some offshore fishing in May we can get some good shots to share.
The Shade Tree / Re: Open those beaches!
« Last post by Back2PA on Today at 09:37:58 PM »
As a result of this type of action, and inaction, Florida is projected to peak a month from now, 2 weeks later than most of the rest of the country, and is currently projected to need 2,044 ventilators and have a shortfall of 860 ICU beds.
General Discussion / Re: In a Pandemic - Some HOAs Suck
« Last post by UTTransplant on Today at 09:33:11 PM »
Read the story carefully. She wasnít staying in the RV. It was parked there for days because she thought someone MIGHT need to stay in it. If that had happened, what would have kept them from moving the RV then and talking to the HOA then? I would imagine the situation might have been much different. Donít get me wrong: I canít stand officious HOAs either, but the RVers were definitely in the wrong.

BTW, we are getting our RV ready for my daughter who may very well get quarantined or isolated in the near future. However we have not parked it on the street against the rules before it is needed.
On the water / Re: Hybrid traditional boat build.
« Last post by Boat Addict on Today at 09:30:55 PM »
There are a lot of steps that goes into these builds. So its  a slow progress. The bottom is really an important part that needs to be right or fair as we call it, which is not always showy. In many of the big boat of days gone by they would always loft the boats in full size so that all the parts were true. This was done from a table of offsets from designers. I loft my boats in full size, built for a certain need and from the seat of my pants and on a strongback as you see this framing, either upside down for the smaller ones or right side up for the bigger ones.   

But after we get out of the bottom then the fun begins. Then the funner parts ;) is the glits and gingerbread, or window dressing. This is about a six months build at my pace. Of course if things open up across the country and things are somewhat in tack, I will take a break and go land cruising.  But I will add as I make progress.
The Shade Tree / Open those beaches!
« Last post by jymbee on Today at 09:26:16 PM »
Of all the luck, we were just here about a week ago. The attached image shows what we saw as the place was like a ghost town. But had we only waited a few days we could have hung out and partied with all the Spring breakers! (or whatever group comes out after they leave)

The governor put Tybee Island back in the beach business -- whether the town liked it or not.


[edit: better pic]
I could actually make it with a strong 3G signal, say 1.5MB (beats the 28.8KBPS modem I paid extra for on my notebook in the 80s!  ::) )
The $1,000 for a new 5G phone hasn't arrived yet.  Don't think it ever will...my old Note 2 does just fine!!
Motorhomes / Re: Advice for Class C Cover
« Last post by Arch Hoagland on Today at 09:08:13 PM »
Years ago I bought a cover for our 30 foot trailer.

My wife, daughter and I put it on the first time.

The second time just my wife and I put it on.

The third time nobody showed up to help. They were "busy doing something else"

Got rid of the cover. 

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