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Tech Talk / Re: 2000 Watt element for electric water heater
« Last post by Rene T on Today at 01:36:15 PM »
Just remember the part about the 2000 Watt heater element drawing additional current and your existing wiring may not be the correct size (gauge) for that much current draw.

Ya, Dutch already brought that up.
Tech Talk / Re: 2000 Watt element for electric water heater
« Last post by xrated on Today at 01:33:12 PM »
Mine is working just fine. I just happened to be at the store walking around and noticed them. The 2000 looks identical to the 1400.  I'm just asking the question for future reference or if someone else may need one.

Just remember the part about the 2000 Watt heater element drawing additional current and your existing wiring may not be the correct size (gauge) for that much current draw.
I was thinking the same thing. Any idea what it costs to relocate one a modest distance?

I don't know how much it costs now, but 25 years ago I knew someone that had one moved about 70 miles, the transport cost was around $500, that did not include disconnecting and reconnecting utilities, or the central air conditioner.
General Discussion / Re: Cancelling thousand trails
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 01:23:46 PM »
But I feel where the problem lies is the way that people get talked into signing a long term contract that they don't understand. I have no experience with TT because I avoid joining groups. From what I have read there is a lot of pressure to sign up for their services. And I am sure they put on a spectacular presentation to actually talk people into signing up.

I've been to a couple of their sales events and it is lot glowing reports about how good life will be and how much money you can save in campground fees if you become a member and stay there to the max provided in the contract.  Not sure I would call that "high pressure", and certainly not on a par with a time-share sales event or even buying an RV. But is it a one-sided view of the value of the contract?   Sure - it's a sales pitch.  It's also an expensive way to buy in - one can pay far, far less buying a re-sale rather than entering a new contract.   Which ought to tell prospective buyers something about the value they are getting...

As for not letting you out, what you are buying is a package discount on a fixed amount of camping nights spread over x years. At the very least you should expect an early cancellation fee to make up for the full package discount.  I agree that TT ought to have that sort of clause in their contracts, but I suspect that the early buy-out fee would be hefty enough that we would still hear moaning and groaning about it.

As you can see, I don't have a lot of sympathy for folks who enter contracts they cannot be bothered with reading and understanding.  Or considering that things can change over the life of a multi-year arrangement like that.
The  RV Comfort ZC thermostat is a multi-zone type. Are you sure you have set the front zone for heating?

Do you have the manual for the ZC? If not, get it at http://www.dyersonline.com/downloadfile/download/aitfile/aitfile_id/3465/
The Shade Tree / Re: Typing 101
« Last post by TonyDtorch on Today at 12:59:21 PM »
Several years back my clever and handsome son took a 'Home Ec' class in high school.    He dated the majority of the girls in that class.

  But the best thing about it... he learned how to be an epic bachelor.   :)
There is so much variety in both what is carried and weight/item that such a spreadsheet is either horribly complex or not widely applicable.  For example, would you carry a small table top gas BBQ, a larger pedestal gas grill, or a charcoal grill, or maybe none at all?  What size & style of lawn chairs, tables, outdoor games, etc. And then what amounts and sorts of clothing, food, beverages, electronic gear, blankets, etc. etc. etc.  Do you count socks @ 1 oz each?   Or just "clothing" at 25 lbs/person, or some other guestimate?   I think you see the problem...

There are some checklists that may help develop your own assessment. Take a look at these and maybe build your own estimate.


General Discussion / Re: Cancelling thousand trails
« Last post by WILDEBILL308 on Today at 12:46:31 PM »
Heare is some stuff I posted before about my experiances with Thousand Trails.
Well I got talked into a TT (Thousand Trails) membership. At the time we purchased our Zone Pass in2014, they were running a ďbuy one zone, get one freeĒ deal for $545, so we got both the Northwest and Southwest Zones for that price. The sales rep we spoke to, added Encore properties to the deal. The big hook for me was were guaranteed 7 days at the property just outside Yosemite National Park.
We were staying at the TT property Medina Lakes outside San Antonio Texas for a rally. I did not realize that this place pretty much mired the rest of the parks. Older Run down narrow camp sites. The campsite was on dirt no patio no table or outside amenities.
The roads were dirt with lots of potholes and rough spots. There was a water leak in the dirt road in front of my campsite. As an aside it made for some good wild game watching as there was a drought in the area. All the game came to water right in front of us.  The drought was so severe the lake was dry with people planting crops in the lake bed. The lake was over 80 feet below level yet according to a couple that was next to us TT was still promoting the water sports at the park when they called about a reservation.
Back to Thousand Trails. 
 South west zone includes 6 states 18 camp grounds 3 states donít have a camp ground and Nevada and Arizona have one each. The one that I stayed at in Arizona was an Encore Property and was one of the better places. We were parked on a big flat parking lot with hookups. It is primarily for snow birds and is 90-95% permanent park model type structures.  I will say this it was one of the only places that had a readymade package of information about the area and some coupons for local attractions.
North West Zone includes 9 states 18 campgrounds; 7 states have no campgrounds. Only Oregon and Washington have camp grounds. Saying you have a zone that covers 9 states sounds good but it is actually only 2 states have any campgrounds you can use.
Read and understand the rules and fine print. Little things tend to aggravate like you can stay free but if you want 50-amp service that is an additional $5.00 per night.
The thing that made/makes me mad is they repeatedly said this was a one-year deal and I could renew it if I wanted to. Yet they charged my credit card without my permission. They said that by singing the original paperwork it became an automatic renewal. I had asked repeatedly if it was a one-year deal and was assured I would have to renew myself or it would end. I looked and my lawyer looked it over and could find no such clause. They refunded my money and we are all happy now.
Some other things they didnít mention when selling the contract.
Members are allotted 30 nights of free camping in any of the Thousand Trails campgrounds covered by your Zone Parking Pass(PER YEAR). Additional nights are charged a small service fee (see the end with the bit about Las Vegas). Members may stay up to 14 consecutive nights at any one campground based on availability. Reservations are advised, particularly for longer stays and during holiday periods. Keep in mind that even though camping is complimentary with membership (first 30 days), last-minute cancellations or no shows will be charged cancellation fees. Campers who stay at any Thousand Trails campground for more than four consecutive nights must wait at least one week before camping at another resort in the chain.
I have stayed at the Thousand Trails Las Vegas Resort. It took 3 different spots before I found one that had power. As far as location it is out by Samís Town and not to convenient to the strip. Staying over the limit there is $120.00 per night. (Market Price) Interesting because I stayed at Oasis for $67.00 for a premium + site. Well ok 3 days were $33.50 because I used Passport America.
TT  can say they are busy and limit you to 7 days. Not the 14 days.
Thousand Trails Long Beach Resort was so tight that to back in to the spot you had to drag the front of the coach through the brush that was up to the edge of the road.

General Discussion / Re: 1999 American Dream Roof
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 12:43:58 PM »
The Dream had a rubber roof in 1999. See a 1999 brochure at https://library.rvusa.com/brochure/Fleetwood1999_AmericanDream_b.pdf
The Shade Tree / Re: Signed the contract and sent the deposit
« Last post by Betty Brewer on Today at 12:42:34 PM »
Wow!  What a number of wonderful transitions! Will you miss your trailer?

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