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Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Trailer Graphics
« Last post by steveblonde on May 25, 2018, 09:26:22 PM »
A good wrap is $2 -3 a foot installed go to a truck graphics place or look up 3m graphics installers travel trailers are like semi trailers big boxes vw beatles are tough because there in no flat side
Newcomers' Corner / Propped tire size question
« Last post by BigNormitasca on May 25, 2018, 09:16:00 PM »
On my 1976 Itasca c25c I've got tires size 215/85/16.  I'm familiar with what all the numbers mean in this scale. But I have a chance to get a set of 6 decent tires amd rims. From someone but they are size 8.75 x 16.5. They have thesame lug pattern and came from an older gmc motor home so I don't see a fit issue given that my Itasca is on a Chevy chassis. My question is are the 8.75 tires close enough in size to my 215/85 tires to still be safe and adequate for the weight of my vehicle. And the tires im buying have been sittting in this guys garage for 4 years not in the sun or weather so I believe they should be in good shape. I really can't afford $1000 for a set of 6 new tires so I've got to take this chance to snag some decent tires while I can ya know.
General Discussion / Re: Apollo Microwave/Convection Metal Plate
« Last post by grashley on May 25, 2018, 09:11:07 PM »

The Apollo was sold under several brand names, so I think we have very similar units.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR RESPONSE!  It is very helpful and informative!
Motorhomes / Re: Brake pedal not “returning”
« Last post by johnhicks on May 25, 2018, 09:08:01 PM »
  You can get the brake booster for less than $600.  If you're relatively handy and astute you could even install it. Of course assuming that's the problem.

RVing with pets / Re: Looking for a puppy
« Last post by Pugapooh on May 25, 2018, 09:07:40 PM »
Personally,I would not buy over the Internet or have a dog shipped.  As you found out,it's probably a scam.ideally,you would pick up your new friend and see what environment they were raised in.  Inside like a family pet or outside in kennel?  How many dogs do they have?is it clean?  What is their health guarantee?  Will they take the dog back if you can't keep it for some reason? 

I probably sound over the top,but I detest people who endlessly breed a dog just to make a few dollars. 
General Discussion / Re: Selling a 5th Wheel RV
« Last post by grashley on May 25, 2018, 09:06:54 PM »

It is obvious you have been doing lots of research and reading lots of forum posts.  GREAT START!  That is where I started, too.

In my experience, yo have a few inaccurate expectations.  New units should sell for 25% - 30% off MSRP.  Often, those internet prices are significantly below MSRP.  There is still room to negotiate, but not necessarily 30%.  If their internet price is not competitive, no one will look further.

I agree buying used, but you may or may not get many extras.  Our camper did NOT include water hoses or sewer hoses, or any other extras.  The hoses that come with new units are &*#%, and the seller had bought a new TT and moved the better water and sewer hoses to it.  It was very clean and in excellent condition.  I paid $500 less than asking price.  His price was right on the NADA price.

I would want a floor plan at least close to your ideal for the first camper.  If it is way off of ideal, you will be unable to do as much fine tuning for your "perfect" RV.

I agree on looking at lots of dealer inventory.  We looked at one private sale RV we did not buy, and it was close to what we wanted and 4 miles from the house.

You are clearly moving the right direction!
We have a 2015 FR Berkshire. The same flaking occurred recently on the driver's seat and one of the dinette booth seats. We contacted Forest River and they advised that the covers for the front seats are made by 2 different companies. They sent us 2 new seat covers for the front for free, but we have to take care of installing them ourselves. Note that we received a seat cover for the passenger seat even though not showing any wear or flaking. We are going to save that one until needed. Covers arrived today and they seem to be a better quality. We don't have a trip planned until the end of June, so we have time to care of the install on the driver's seat.

As for the booth, FR would only give us the contact info and see we were on our own to work it out with that manufacturer. Instead, we chose to take it to a local reupholster and have him do it. Cost was fair, fabric is much higher quality, and he did it in a few days. Much better than sending out and we like doing business with the local, little companies.
Popups, folding/tent trailers / Re: Solar panels on tent trailer - Worth it?
« Last post by KodiakJack on May 25, 2018, 08:51:07 PM »
Ok folks, I grabbed this tonight. $160CAD for 2 40w panels, 2 controllers, etc. each weighs 15 lbs. so no worries with the weight. Question: if you had a “two of everything” pack like this, would you hook each up to the battery separately? Or combine them through one charge controller?
Welcome to the Forum!

Both campers have a GVWR just under 3800#.  As such, the Odyssey is a non starter.  Here is why.

The GVWR is the most the camper  can weigh, fully loaded.  The dry wt is the weight without anything in the camper.  Fill the propane tanks, add a battery, water and sewer hoses, some bedding, towels, clothes, food, cookware, folding chairs, and you be much closer to the 3800# mark!

The towing capacity assumes 2 passengers at 150# each, full gas tank, and NOTHING else.  No more passengers, no cargo or tools.  NOTHING else in the vehicle.  The towing capacity must include the ACTUAL weight of the LOADED camper, plus the WD hitch weight, plus all passengers, car seats, snacks and cargo in the truck or van, minus that 300# allowance.

The Frontier will be close to the limits when you get all loaded up, but you should be okay.  Leave the Odyssey in the drive or take both cars.
General Discussion / Re: sell or trade RV
« Last post by grashley on May 25, 2018, 08:24:40 PM »
You will always get more from a private sale than you will from a dealer.  The dealer may SAY $25k for the newer rig, minus $4k trade in, but if you have no trade, you could get the same RV for $22k.

List it for $3000 and leave some room to negotiate.  If you sell it for $2500, they will think they got a deal.  If you are unable to sell it, as a last resort, use it for a trade in.
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