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Solar / Adding portable solar panel
« Last post by wagonmaster12 on November 21, 2017, 08:23:30 PM »
I have a 2011 Wind River that came with a small, 7X11 inch 10 watt solar panel on the roof which can be turned on and off with a wall switch inside the unit.  I can't imagine that it does much considering its size, but every little bit helps I suppose.  Planning to go to Arizona soon and perhaps boondock for a few days here and there.  I have a portable 100W panel with a controller.  Will directly hooking that up to my two 6v trailer batteries and operating both solar panels at the same time cause any problems?  ie. will they complement each other or interfere with each other in anyway?  Thanks.
The Shade Tree / Re: Marijuana side topic
« Last post by scottydl on November 21, 2017, 08:20:57 PM »
As a former Narcotics Detective, one of my duties was to interview suspects who were arrested for being under the influence of controlled substances, like heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine (11550 H&S.) By the way, in California, marijuana was not considered a "controlled substance." It was considered a "dangerous drug."

I asked all of them a lot of "canned" questions, and one interesting fact we learned was that 100% of them started out by experimenting with alcohol AND marijuana before moving on to stronger, more addictive drugs. Most of those using "hard drugs" were still using marijuana. That DOES NOT mean that everyone who uses marijuana is going to move on to harder drugs, but there's clearly a correlation between marijuana and harder drugs.

Quite frankly, I couldn't care less if an adult wanted to burn their brains out on drugs. It's their life. It's just a shame when it happens to kids and young adults, because their brains haven't developed enough for them to understand the dangers, and some of the damage is irreparable. Those of us who do understand the dangers often set a poor example for them.

I don't care if any adult wishes to pickle their brain with any drug or alcohol, so long as they are not forced to do so. I do care when anyone under the influence of any substance endangers others.

I could not agree more, and have almost identical professional backgrounds and experiences.  Considering that Kevin, Will, and I have all concluded our law enforcement careers, we certainly have no financial interest in the outcome.  And it certainly does not seem like any of us cautious about legal marijuana (in this forum anyway) are proponents of the "Reefer Madness" claims of the 1960's and 70's.

Yes, alcohol and cigarettes are horrible habits with deadly results, and have enormous back-end costs in health care and public safety.  Why on earth would we want to add more legal substances to that list, without properly assessing the potential risks or dangers?

Also legalizing will do little to quell the marijuana black market, just as illegal trading is alive and well for all manners of prescription drugs/painkillers, weapons, and even alcohol/cigarettes that are otherwise legal (with proper taxes paid and rules followed).  Marijuana is the largest criminal "cash crop" in the world.  Does anyone really think profit-seeking criminal enterprises are just going to give up and/or pay taxes to the government?  Hardly.  Most signs indicate that drug cartels will ramp up their efforts, providing an even "better" product for lower prices and violence to control the trade will increase.  That and more focus will be placed on smuggling other drugs into the country to get people addicted to... cue the prevalence of heroin in the last 10 years and the resulting opioid crisis.

Would keeping marijuana illegal prevent all those problems?  Probably not.  No more than it is the miracle drug to cure every medical ailment, as some supporters will claim.  The truth likely resides somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, and I don't think science (or the law) has completely figured out its proper application yet.  Rushing to change laws (medical or criminal) with the allure of short-term tax dollars... and often NO mention of the risks or back-end costs... seems to be a pretty risky exercise as far as public dollars and public welfare is concerned.
The Shade Tree / Re: Bitten In My Own Bed by a Monster
« Last post by Roy M on November 21, 2017, 08:19:51 PM »
That made my day. ;D
Tech Talk / Re: power steering
« Last post by louie on November 21, 2017, 08:17:38 PM »
Thanks gary. Now the truck repair center is having trouble finding new brake parts like drums and shoes, it has a rockwell diff. you wouldn't happen to know where we could find these parts?
The Shade Tree / Re: Happy Thanksgiving
« Last post by DearMissMermaid on November 21, 2017, 08:17:06 PM »
I am so grateful that my wheel estate has housed me 24/7 for nearly 8 years and is only 24 years old.

I still use the original builtin coffee maker!

We're joining in the potluck here at the RV park.
The Shade Tree / Re: Marijuana side topic
« Last post by rvannie23 on November 21, 2017, 08:12:19 PM »
Fascinating conversation happening here. I would like to point out to the law enforcement contributors that yes, the people you deal with have smoked and drank as a precursor to heavier things but not all people who smoke marijuana are going to go on to do harder drugs or ever have any encounters with law enforcement. there are many marijuana smokers who contribute positively to society. I find it no different than having a beer or glass of scotch after work.

To tie into RVing...this is a general PSA that the walls of your RV will not contain the smell of pot. I personally donít mind it at all but at my old park I did have a retired couple in a converted greyhound bus that was asked to leave because their (boring) neighbors complained. I liked them personally...but you could definitely smell it throughout the park lol.
Tech Talk / Re: Can't find OBDII connector - 1999 Dolphin
« Last post by NY_Dutch on November 21, 2017, 08:07:46 PM »
Well I finally found it.  On the right side steering column up under the cover.  The connector is pointing up at about a 45 degree angle which accounts for why I could not see it with a mirror.  Also there is a plastic cap over it which made it difficult to locate by touch.  What a hassle for such a simple thing.  Good news is the check engine light went out of its own accord!

Cheers - Joe

If you look closely, Ford supplied a loop of extra cable on the port so the body manufacturer could move it to a more accessible location as stated in the Ford Body Builders Manual. Not all RV manufacturers do it obviously. I moved mine to a convenient spot on the steering column cover.
PCs, Communications, Electronics / Re: AT&T Mobley is available again
« Last post by Tom on November 21, 2017, 08:02:05 PM »
Tom, thanks for sharing router info.

You're welcome Bob. As I said, credit is due to Jeff. Thanks for sharing the results. I wonder if someone has comparative results with a router hooked to Mobley via USB  :-[
The Shade Tree / Re: Marijuana side topic
« Last post by TonyDtorch on November 21, 2017, 07:59:51 PM »
 be careful..as soon as you say something against Doctors and the establishment you may be labeled as a radical...they know way more than you do.

They can legally help you if they determine you need it .... 8)
General Discussion / Re: Propane tank filling problem
« Last post by NY_Dutch on November 21, 2017, 07:53:22 PM »
I keep a few extra rubber fill port gaskets in a small plastic box attached to my regulator cover along with a few extra O-rings for the soft POL on my Extend-A-Stay hose. The fill port takes a 1-3/4" ACME gasket...
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