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Tech Talk / Re: Magnum Inverter 2800 watts
« Last post by John From Detroit on January 23, 2021, 04:29:27 PM »
Don't have a magnum but on my 2nd Xantrex
the first (prosine 2.0) had some switches on the remote. One turned the remote kind of off (not the inverter just the display) an "Error" would over ride that. it was also used to set PROGRAM mode.
the other two were on/off. Inerter OFF/auto.  Charger Off/auto.

With shore power that passed muster it charged and passed
Without shore power or if shore power DID not pass muster (voltage most likely) it sucked power out of the batteries to power the loads (inverted) if both switches were "enabled".

The new one well instead of switches I go through a boat load of menus but same effect.
I an set i to disabled (no power passes) or to auto-charge/ivert depending on shore power.

I have seen several other makes. MOSt have the same options. though the programmability of the Xantrex may be missing, the ability to disable one or the other mode is there.

If stored for more than a night. By all means turn OFF to preserve battery.

NOTE... Some inverters (Like the Posine 2.0) the switches on the remote can disable the inerter or charger or both. BUT THEY DO NOT TURN IT OFF.. The big switch on the inverter itself. or an added remote.. They turned it OFF as in no power flowed..
Rallies, Shows, & Events / Re: 2021 Quartzite and KOFA Rallies?
« Last post by Old_Crow on January 23, 2021, 04:29:23 PM »
11% total..>>>Dan

I bought a TPMS today.  Price changed when I whipped out the nice crisp $100 bills instead of the card.  About 11%, I guess.  I'm fine with it, he wrote me a receipt if there's A PROBLEM.
The Shade Tree / Re: The Covid story story no one is talking about.
« Last post by Lou Schneider on January 23, 2021, 04:27:05 PM »
VA health department once said that 1/2 the people with COVID ate at restaurants.  I have only eat my own food for the last year and will not even eat food at the hospital when a restaurant brings us food.

That's only relevant if you know how many people eat out.  If the number of people who went to a restaurant in the last year is >50% of the total population you could argue that restaurant food helps you resist Covid.  Maybe the industrial grade food prep weakens the Covid virus the same way as the weakened live virus used in the polio vaccine?
General Discussion / Re: How often do you watch your outdoor television??
« Last post by John From Detroit on January 23, 2021, 04:20:52 PM »
The only time I used a TV outdoords was aiming sat dishes.  No need otherwise and it was a small portable.

Now why would you want to inflict YOUR choice of programming on your neighbor?

Though I do admit one time I had a neighbor who played the radio outdoors at a non-nasty volume and his choice of station was so good I had to ask so I could tune it in INISIDE...  Now that. I did not object to :)

now days my Two favorite radio stations are out of range... But the internet works WTWW.US  Listen Live   Transmitter 2

Fulltiming / Re: When a full- timer's RV breaks down
« Last post by Lou Schneider on January 23, 2021, 04:18:14 PM »
You'd think Ford would know better than let the threads of the spark plug extend into the combustion chamber in the first place.  Especially on a soft aluminum head.

Kind of makes you wonder where else they skimped to save a few ounces of weight.
Fulltiming / Re: When a full- timer's RV breaks down
« Last post by DonTom on January 23, 2021, 03:38:04 PM »

The V10 plug spitting problem was often caused by mechanics not following the proper procedures when replacing the plugs.
Thanks for the info. But you have me curious what the correct procedures were to get carbon removed from the plug bottoms without removing the plugs first.

Was it to loosen them a thread or two and then  retighten  before removing each plug? What else can be done and even that doesn't sound like  all that great of an idea.

IAC, I wouldn't buy a V10 older than 2005.

-Don-  Auburn, CA
Rallies, Shows, & Events / Re: 2021 Quartzite and KOFA Rallies?
« Last post by Utclmjmpr on January 23, 2021, 03:32:04 PM »

 11% total..>>>Dan
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: What has changed over the last few decades?
« Last post by steveblonde on January 23, 2021, 03:29:02 PM »
A lot of the changes are definitely NOT for the better.  For instance, motorized awnings, intrigrated heat/cool thermostats for starters.  RVs in general are poorly built from the start and adding all these new fangled electeonics can add more frustration to what can already be a frustrating experience.  Besides making them nearly impossible for the average weekend handy man to fix when they break.  No thanks take me back to the mid 2000s for decent quality, ease of repairs.

I have to agrree with Donn in an effort to make the rv experience more enjoyable they are less reliable to much fancy crap
Motorhomes / Re: Considering a 2004 Travel Supreme Class A -would appreciate input
« Last post by prnebs on January 23, 2021, 03:04:01 PM »
Stunning! :)) :)) :))

Thanks!  The red swoop on the coach matches our red toad.  That was totally accidental!
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