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Towing and towables / Re: Towing with a 2000 Astro Van
« Last post by SarniaTricia on Today at 02:09:43 PM »

CaptSteve: I now Have the KNOW how to weight my rig.....
I was in the Library earlier today reading and totally missed the article on weighting.

I want to do this early next week
(I hate to leave anything to the last minute and October is just around the corner!!)
I will check google and I'm fairly sure were I can find a place to weight everything....

I'll be back with weights and van/trailer specs soon.....   :o

I have passed on the 1,000lb WD system (thanks Spencerpj and Garyb1st) ..... no matter the price, if it isn't safe, It's not a bargain. The other used WD I was inquiring on, they couldn't tell me the weight rating.... so pass on that too!.. Hopefully once I get balance on the rig all figured out, a WD would be overkill and the friction sway-bar would be enough for my big October trip!!
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Solar design and installation
« Last post by Gizmo on Today at 02:07:48 PM »
I agree with Rene T in trying determine how much electrical consumption your parents typically use then paying the difference, or in some way compensate your parents for energy usage.  You mentioned the uncertainty of a suitable electrical connection so I would suggest looking into having a qualified electrician wire a connection to near where the RV will be parked, typically within 25-30'.  It is not a big job and should not be too costly.  Installing a good solar set-up is costly and likely to be far more costly than have an electrician wire a connection and then throwing some money your parents way to cover energy usage, which sounds like in your case is likely to be very little.  If solar still becomes your goal, these two sources are  well worth your time to read, as they will answer any questions on solar you may have and get you pointed in the right direction.



Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: battery too lite?
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 02:06:22 PM »
Interstate 450 cca...
That's a small battery by any measure, 450 CCA and only about 45 Amp-hours of use time.  I would suggest at least a Group 24 size which will have about 85 AH of use time.  Even if you just get another marine/RV type battery.   May I suggest that you review an article I wrote for the RVForum Library titled Choosing an RV Battery.   Check the dimensions of your battery box or compartment to make sure it physically fits.   If you have room, a Group 27 size offers much more capacity for a modest increase in  price. Typically about 105-110 AH.

Choosing an RV battery
General Discussion / Re: Bucket List
« Last post by RVMommaTo6 on Today at 02:06:04 PM »
It's funny you say that Isaac, because I was talking to my kids about that same thing yesterday. We were talking about all the places we're going on our big trip next year and I was saying that I really hope they don't become immune to the awesomeness of it all after seeing new place after new place for 10 months. I liken it to Niagara Falls, they can't appreciate that people come from all over the world to see it because to them it's something they grew up with living in western NY.
The Shore cord on most motor homes goes straight to an automatic transfer switch and from there to the MAIN power distribution panel.
On most trailers straight to the main distribution panel
From there you have a number of "Branch" circuits one of which should be labeled either CONV or Converter.  that's the one to the converter..

On some the converter is behind the main distro panel  others it is elsewhere.
Truck campers / Re: Camper supports
« Last post by soundman1955 on Today at 01:51:15 PM »
The truck is a 2003 Ford 250 King cab, and the camper is a 2007 Montana Ponderosa FSC 9.5

Thank you
The Shade Tree / Re: Any homeschooling families?
« Last post by John From Detroit on Today at 01:50:34 PM »
Well I'm past that stage (My only child is now a school teacher and mother of 2).

But I know a few home-schoolers..

I will make these comments.
Home schoolers have done rather well in academic competition over the last few years (As in national winners) seems the One on one or just a few "home" enviorment works very well.

Most all the Homeschoolers I know are good people teaching their children well.  and there is a very very good chance their "Students" will graduate College... With Honors.

Some.. are not. But I don't knwo any of those.
What about a converted enclosed car hauler.  With a side door, a couple windows and air conditioning, you could easily convert it to living quarters.  Maybe a murphy bed or jackknife sofa.  Unless you wanted a toilet and kitchen, it would be considerably less than a travel trailer.  I've thought about doing it but my class a doesn't have the towing capacity.  My guess is the enclosed trailer, with a small vehicle and a few mods would likely weigh 7-8,000 lbs or more.   
Tech Talk / Re: no brake lights on tow plug
« Last post by John From Detroit on Today at 01:47:25 PM »
The RV has both STOP lights and Turn signals and they are NOT the same lamps??? My Workhorse they are combined and I think that is a Workhorse decision 

Stop lights are.. if I recall correctly fused by a fuse on the main chassis block under the hood (Front dead center. plain black box label is on the inside cover. press release latches on each side and pull toward you)

The TURN signals are on the (in)Convience panels down by the parking break pedal where you need to be a controtionist. Fuse diagram is in your owner's bag. or I can look it up for you.

Tail/marker light.. That's a fun one at least 4 seperate fuses. two in the chassis main to on the (in)convience panel.

General Discussion / Re: Bucket List
« Last post by Isaac-1 on Today at 01:46:22 PM »
This really is a hard question to answer, there are sensory overload spectacular sights Yellowstone, where after a few days you go blah another majestic world class view of a canyon with a waterfall, I saw 5 of those yesterday, along with 3 geysers and a number of hot pots and other thermal features...

Then there are others like the fossil wall at Dinosaur national monument, sure it is an awe inspiring sight to see thousands of fossils still all embedded in a rock wall at once, but it is just the one spot there a couple of hundred feet long, the rest of the park is nice enough too with canyons, etc. but it is sort of in the middle of nowhere, you drive through hundreds of miles of sameness of western Colorado or eastern Utah to get there.

Then on a been there done that, side of things, I think everyone should at least once drive US 385 from Amarillo, Texas to Rapid City, South Dakota, just to experience the vast emptiness of the middle of the United States, just short of 700 miles passing through no cities of over 10,000 people, maybe none over 7,500, most more like 1,500.    Not only do you not pass through any cities of over 8,000 along this entire route you never pass within 70 miles of a city over 8,000.
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