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General Discussion / Re: Dirty trick - be alert
« Last post by Frank B on Today at 05:20:52 PM »
Agreed. Are they difficult to retrofit in a unit with enclosed thanks?
The Shade Tree / Re: Gary Brinck in hospital
« Last post by Back2PA on Today at 05:18:28 PM »
Don't know if I  could handle 4 to 6 weeks of hospital food

Powerful incentive to get out early!
The Shade Tree / Re: Gary Brinck in hospital
« Last post by kjansen on Today at 05:16:35 PM »
Good luck and have a speedy recovery. Don't know if 6
I  could handle 4 to 6 weeks of hospital food
General Discussion / Re: Water heater, fridge lids how to really lock them
« Last post by cavie on Today at 04:47:13 PM »
My WH has a locking ring but why bother????
General Discussion / Re: Honda EU2200i first use
« Last post by Back2PA on Today at 04:46:46 PM »
At least you're a "cool dude" at last.....  ;D ;)

It's been a long wait....  :-\
Motorhomes / Re: New to RV World
« Last post by thelazyl on Today at 04:34:35 PM »
Here is our thought process before we purchased a Class A last September.  I hope this helps:

1.  There are people on this site which are experts - I pay close attention to their advice.
2.  There aren't many advantages to purchasing a new RV.  Initial quality is poor in most RV's.  It is not uncommon for an RV to spend much of their 1st year in the shop for warranty repair.  Also RV's depreciate rapidly. 
3.  Finding a competent RV repair tech is not as easy as finding one for a car.  Learning how to take care of some maintenance items is recommended.  Stuff happens with the varying components in an RV.  Much of the maintenance is easier than I first thought - this forum and YouTube are where I start.

We picked a Diesel RV (with an engine in the back) because they are much smoother and quiet. This makes for a more pleasant trip - as noise and vibration can be fatiguing.  We picked a Class A because the drive and view outside the window during the drive is half the enjoyment.  We found a unit with the floor plan we liked and then ensured it was well maintained and everything worked. 

My wife and I are very happy with our purchase and love traveling via RV.

Good luck!

Tech Talk / Re: When will there be an electric RV?
« Last post by DonTom on Today at 04:30:23 PM »
Yeah, I know about that one, but I want about three times it's range. That is the biggest problem for now

Will need a few hundred KWHs of batteries, which is now more expensive than the rest of the RV. And will weight quite a bit.

I keep on discovering new features in my Tesla. The one I just discovered is the "doggy mode". The display will say . . or, I will upload the photo as a picture is worth a thousand words. Another one of the countless things an ICE vehicle cannot do.

-Don-  Auburn, CA
I'd like to ask about this too: I am 280 lbs and have a 2003 fleetwood DP.  I've been on the roof on 2 occasions and didn't feel right either time - I was worried about crashing down through the ceiling.  I recall seeing another post that suggested a weight limit but I don't know what weight.  I can't find a guideline in my manuals. 
General Discussion / Re: Honda EU2200i first use
« Last post by jackiemac on Today at 04:23:50 PM »
At least you're a "cool dude" at last.....  ;D ;)
Motorhomes / Re: A battery question from a newbie
« Last post by thelazyl on Today at 04:17:45 PM »

 Here is an update.  To clarify:  Although we always camp at places with hookups, we store the RV at home without electrical hookup.  The longest the RV sat between trips is 2 weeks since we purchased last September.   

Yesterday I took the RV to our nearby tire store (Les Schwaub) for battery help and then took my DW for an hour long drive. 

The tire store attendant helped me understand that I have 4 6v deep cycle batteries which are wired in a way that generates 12v.  There are no loose connections, the batteries are less than 1 year old, and they test as "reasonably healthy".  It was recommended that my next step be a trickle charge.  I've done that on a car battery but not on a 6v RV battery.  The batteries are in a basement storage location near the wet bay.  What I don't know is: Do I need to remove the batteries or can I hook them up to trickle charge as-is?  If I need to remove the batteries I assume I should take a picture first to ensure I can re-hook them up properly?  If I can leave them as is, and simply hook up a charger with the battery in place, I assume I connect the charger to the batteries one at a time and trickle charge at 6v?  With either option I assume I should turn off the house battery switch on the inside control panel?

When I returned from our hour long drive I checked the inside meter which showed near 12v which I expected.  For the first time since owning the RV I turned off the “house battery” disconnect on the control panel.  I assume part of my issue is something that draws current when I park (I’ve confirmed that the furnace and fridge are turned off when we park).  I plan to re-connect via the control panel in a few days and then see if there is still a charge.

Thanks again in advance.
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