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General Discussion / Re: Home shore power outlet
« Last post by Rene T on Today at 08:29:06 AM »
I've been wanting to do the same thing but I didn't want a huge box sitting on the front of my garage in plain site. This post got me thinking and I think I'll be going this way. How about installing one of these and put the actual receptacle inside the garage. You could paint it the same color as your siding or just leave it white. It takes up to a 50 Amp cord.


Here's a black one:


Here's another one that is smaller but it only accepts a 30 Amp cord. My rig is 50 Amp but I'm just going to reduce the cable down to 30 Amp with a adapter and just use a 30 Amp cord which I already have. I'll still be able to run one of my air conditioners which is fine.

General Discussion / Re: Home shore power outlet
« Last post by Ex-Calif on Today at 08:24:13 AM »
Nothing wrong with that - good looking box...

Don't forget to consider how your are gonna run the power to the box - i.e. that looks like it needs a hallow wall and the feed comes in from the back. If you are mounting on outside brick wall you may be looking at a conduit run, which will need a box with a top or bottom entry and is also against your need for it not to be ugly... Outside wall conduit runs are yucky. That's part of the reason I kept mine in the garage and use an extension cable run out to the RV.

Also because I am lazy and didn't want to have to get creative with the power run. And the final advantage is the 30 amp run is about 4 feet to the mains.

ETA - Whoops. Just reread the part about stucco walls. The box wouldn't be terrible.

I found this cover pretty quickly if you want to go flush mount - I am sure there are more out there.

If you are planning for resale you have to be brutally honest in what you have.

An RV with a Harley garage on the back is probably every guys dream. In fact there are trailers made for that, and car racing and dirt bike racing.

If you convert the garage to an office you are now looking for a serious work at home type who needs that - Honestly not that many of them out there, IMO.

The typical market is dad, mom and 2 or 3 kids. Mom is gonna be looking at the kitchen (can I cook in here), the sleeping situation (can I distance us from the kids), storage and living space (will all our stuff fit).

BTW - May sound sexist and I apologize to the ladies but you all were put on earth to stop guys from overhauling transmissions on the kitchen table... We can be real neanderthals...

If you want it for you that's fine just be aware it may take longer to sell and you may have to cut the price. OTOH - if it has some features that make it higher quality or unique among RVs you could find a buyer right away...
General Discussion / Re: Home shore power outlet
« Last post by blw2 on Today at 08:16:52 AM »
hey, I tried again....my 4th or 5th search session...
found this
looks like the adapter works for lots of various round sizes, so maybe....
I'm not sure if the cover would close over an RV plug, but even if it's mounted on a surface mounted box at least its smaller and not as boxy....
I suppose I could cut a hole in the stucco and use a flush mounted box.....

I'm still interested in other options.
General Discussion / Re: Home shore power outlet
« Last post by Ex-Calif on Today at 08:09:03 AM »
I kept it simple. The RV was blowing the 20a house breaker when I ran the AC mid day. I dropped a 30 amp breaker in and set the outlet directly below the breaker panel. I removed one inner wall slat and mounted a surface mount outlet.

Parts were off the shelf home depot stuff.

It is not that intrusive although the cover will not close when plugged in as I have to use and adapter for my extension cable.

It's not the ugliest outlet ever...
Hi and welcome. Does your LP cooktop work?
4-wheeling / Re: 2006 Jeep Wrangler Oxygen Sensor Heater
« Last post by SpencerPJ on Today at 07:22:08 AM »
I do not know. Anytime my GMC o2 sensors had issues, it threw a code.  It was very temperamental with non-oem ones as well. Not disrespecting our great RV Forum, but you might get additional input from a Jeep Forum  ;) 

That said, here is a pretty decent video.  Your problem may not even have any correlation to the dead battery.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFX-c7Nanv4
General Discussion / Re: Home shore power outlet
« Last post by Larry N. on Today at 07:07:42 AM »
Well, here's one that appears to have a plastic cover. And I've seen a really fancy one or two in a couple of RV resorts, but don't seem to find them online.
General Discussion / Re: Home shore power outlet
« Last post by Isaac-1 on Today at 07:04:22 AM »
I doubt you are going to find anything different, these things are built to meet a code requirement, though you could always paint them.
General Discussion / Home shore power outlet
« Last post by blw2 on Today at 06:54:41 AM »
I'm wanting to add an outlet outside my garage someplace...a 14-50 outlet with a weatherproof in-use cover.

I've been using just the 15 or 20 amp porch outlet when I bring my MH home, but I've meant to upgrade that situation for a long time.
Now I'm toying with the idea of getting an electric car, so it might be a little more necessary if I do....

My issue is the only ones I can find are the rather ugly and industrial looking metalic Nema 3r type surface mount boxes.  Where I'll be putting it will be very visible.

Know of any nice looking alternatives?
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