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General Discussion / Re: Shower not draining - help!
« Last post by Popquizz on Today at 11:28:49 AM »
No luck with draino, plunger, or digging for hairballs.  Sigh... off it the RV Mechanic 😩
General Discussion / Apollo Microwave/Convection Metal Plate
« Last post by Murphcrud on Today at 11:23:05 AM »

We have one of these Monsters that works!  From what I have read, there are a number of complains about this model in our 2008 Jamboree   When we purchased our MH recently, and started reading up on the micro/conv oven, we noticed that the metal plate that they refer to in the manual, is missing.  Nowhere have I been able to determine what this metal is composed of but my guess is that it is only aluminum.  Can anyone confirm?  Will a 12" Aluminum Pizza plate work as I am guessing that the plate is just for dispersing even heat when in the convection mode.

Remodeling your RV / Re: Thor - Windsport TV Changeout
« Last post by ConductorX on Today at 11:16:29 AM »
No, it is all wood trim and carpet, no screws or fasteners that I could find.   I am sure it can be accessed from the side cabinets but I don't want to destroy the cabinets just to make access.

General Discussion / Re: Shower not draining - help!
« Last post by garyb1st on Today at 11:09:35 AM »
Good to know about the HEPVO valve.  When I used a clothe hanger to pull out a clump of hair, I only had to go about an inch or two below the drain grate.  If that happens again and the clog is lower in the pipe, I'll try the plunger. 
General Discussion / Re: Frustrated with leaks!!!
« Last post by Murphcrud on Today at 11:07:00 AM »
I had a leak just after I purchased my MH but was able to find it after a lot of searching and got it fixed. I then had the roof re-coated by a RV dealer as the membrane was looking bad. Now after a hard rain, the leak is back!!! I went back up to the place I had found the previous leak and all looks good. I have no idea where to go from here. I can't keep putting money into this so I guess I just need to chuck it up as a bad purchase. At this point I would like to sell it but wouldn't think of not telling the purchaser about the leak so I doubt if anybody would buy it. It's a shame as the coach looks and runs great. Luckily, its not a bad leak and I cant find any real damage except some discolored carpet on the ceiling. Sorry for the rant but I do feel better now. Any suggestions?

Ghostman has the right idea.  It is a long tedious means of locating the leak.   As he stated, the entry point for the leak and exist point, could be far between.  You haven't stated how quickly the leak shows up and under what circumstances it appears.  I would do as Ghostman stated with the garden hose idea, STARTING AT THE OPPOSITE END WHERE YOU SEE THE LEAK.  If you feel that the leak is slow, I would only water test 1/4 of the roof at a time, waiting an hour or so before proceeding to the next 1/4 and so on.
Tech Talk / Re: Residential Refrigerator or Not?
« Last post by blw2 on Today at 11:02:09 AM »
I think Gary hit on a big variable....the size of the battery bank.

My Norcold is still relatively new, and I've run an ARP on it since almost the beginning (although there was a long period of time when it wasn't working properly).  It still works fine.   Not that I would through money at swapping fridges needlessly now, I have thought about this a fair bit, in the interest of safety.  I personally would love to go residential, EXCEPT for the boon docking issue.  A rig like mine just doesn't have a lot of room for a large battery bank.  I think that's about the only area where my storage capacity is limited.  About the only outside vented space I would have for more batteries would be to remove the generator.  We don't boondock a lot...well actually we have many times, but normally it's one night, then a day of driving and charging to another night...for 2-3 nights, then we'd be plugged in.  A few times a year I might go 2-3 nights in a row without significant time for recharge, but that's rare.

So....as it is for me, I appreciate having the LP mode in the fridge
Tech Talk / Re: Rear Camera/ Monitor Problem
« Last post by Ernie n Tara on Today at 11:00:52 AM »
The difficult part is running the wires and they usually can be used for the replacement if they still have integrity (fairly easy to check). I doubt that the electronics are easily repairable or that you will find anyone who will even try.  First check that all connections are solid (including the video), probably the most likely problem and then just get a replacement for the defective unit if they are and both devices have power and ground.


Newcomers' Corner / Re: Trailer Tire Ripples
« Last post by Ernie n Tara on Today at 10:45:56 AM »
Depending on the size the defects may indeed be just cosmetic, particularly if they are not radial tires. The  usual cause for pronounced ripples is that the reinforcing fabric is shrinking asymetrically (tire fabric, as opposed to steel or kevlar belts, shrinks as the tire is cured) causing the reinforcement to differ in length (radial reinforcement extends from bead to bead). This in turn causes "steps" between adjacent groups of fibers. Within limits this may not be serious as the rubber is strong enough to bridge the step. I wouldn't worry too much so long as the steps are smaller than about 30 to 50 mils (up to 1/20 of an inch).

I had changed out a really uncomfortable couch in a previous rig with a pair of theater seating from a local furniture store. They were even powered and were way more comfortable than the RV stuff that came with the rig.
Tech Talk / Rear Camera/ Monitor Problem
« Last post by camperAL on Today at 10:34:34 AM »

Having trouble with my camera monitor. It worked when I bought it and had ran fine up until the end of this winter. I thought maybe a wire disconnected but pulled things out and re-plug them back in but still not working. Fuses seem o.k. on it. I feel being able to monitor the tow and things going on in back of me are important when on the road.

Repair shop is looking for a replacement monitor but wondering if there is an electronics place that it could be taken to and worked on. I don't see replacing something like this as an effective solution. Not real sure if the place I have it being worked on is really all that up on some things. Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.

I can find out make and model later and post.
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