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Winnebago-specific issues / Re: Winnebago View 24J - LOST 110V Power
« Last post by John Hilley on Today at 11:56:46 AM »
Correctly installed wire nuts are perfectly safe in an RV. Wrapping them with tape will further reduce the chance of loosening. Wagos are another good option in RVs. Crimp connections if not done correctly with the right tool are far more likely to fail.
Winnebago-specific issues / Re: Low Voltage DC Voltage
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 11:54:12 AM »
Dunno, but obviously the batteries are not getting charged.

According to the Dimensions charger manual, CHRG COND MODE means the charger is in battery conditioning mode. Nothing wrong with that - it happens automatically - but it should still be applying voltage and amps to the batteries. Clearly that is not happening.  First thing is to make sure the SPS is actually receiving power from the load center. There should be a circuit breaker there labeled to read something like converter/charger or inverter. Probably a 30A breaker.

The need for additional batteries is entire subjective, depending on how long you want to go between re-chargings.   You have an onboard generator, so you have the means to handle that at your discretion.  If you find that you need to run the genset more often than you prefer, add some batteries or get bigger ones of what you have.

If you switch to residential, I'd suggest a larger one than you now have.  Even a couple cubic ft more is a blessing and I would not let the opportunity escape.
They do not work while on battery only.
 2016 jayco precept

is this a new occurrence? Most RVs do not come with invertors
The Shade Tree / Re: A different TP discussion
« Last post by Gizmo100 on Today at 11:38:46 AM »
You have to possess a Top Secrete SCI Clearance. For $10,000 I can help you with that.

Will you take cash??...I don't want to leave a paper trail
Tech Talk / Re: Repair or replace Dometic NDR 1292 with residential
« Last post by garyb1st on Today at 11:26:38 AM »
Still sorting things out.  DW now on board for residential or solar powered fridge.  Home Depot sells a more energy efficient Solar powered Unique 10.3 cu ft, for $1,160.  It's Energy rating is 192 kWh, a bit less than the Costco unit.  Home Depot also sells a Magic Chef residential that uses 297 kWh for $439.   If my Aimes 1000 will run the GE, than we can buy a smaller inverter to run the computer and TV or possibly a larger unit to run everything.   

Only questions I have left are need, location and wiring of additional batteries. 

Ideally, if I could enlarge the battery tray in the stairwell, that would solve both questions.  If that's not possible, then a new battery tray in the adjacent bay and wiring.  No idea of how much that will cost. 
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Travel Trailers made without wood
« Last post by pianoman on Today at 11:25:06 AM »
Which travel trailers under 4000lbs are made from all aluminum and fiberglass and not a rubber covered wood roof or wood sidewalls?
Tech Talk / Re: Battery isolator question... With solar
« Last post by Tundrawolf on Today at 11:20:54 AM »
I have never heard of the trick-l-start, it doesn't need ac power? How does it work, a dc-dc converter to ramp up the voltage? Witht he solar power it should work well indefinitely, that sounds awesome, and it's not too expensive either, wow thanks for the recommendation!

I think what I will do is run the one wire from the front underhood compartment to the auxiliary battery output and to the coach battery, that way the alternator will charge it and the starting battery, but the coach battery won't draw down the starting battery. Or maybe just a high current disconnect so I can use the starting battery in an emergency... I just don't want to run 2 heavy gauge wires to the back. Have a "Camping" setting on the disconnect that disconnects the starting battery, and a "Storage/emergency" setting that connects both batteries... That's all I can come up with right now... Would the trick-l-charge still work in that situation?
The Shade Tree / Re: GoFundMe accounts
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 11:20:49 AM »
The funds are potentially taxable to the recipient. Whether any specific donation amount is actually taxed usually depends on a variety of factors and covered by various IRS rules.  I don't think there is any single, simple answer.

That said, gifts up to $15k are generally NOT actually taxed, but sometimes a gift tax return must be filed anyway. I haven't kept up on the 2018 changes as far as gifts and charitable donations, so don't take this as advice. Donations, though, are monies that to go to not-for-profit entities and individuals are not considered to be non-profits. Somebody could get set one up, though, and have it receive the GoFundMe monies and then use it to pay somebody's medical or funeral bills. That probably makes it a charity. The charity may have to file a tax return, but probably nothing gets taxed. If any substantial amount of money is expected to be collected, that's what I would do. If the amounts are small, e.g. a few hundred dollars, it's probably below the radar no matter what.
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