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Solar / Re: Building a new System
« Last post by Kathy & Bill on Today at 04:07:44 PM »
It is a shame that manufacturers don't take a little more time when they build RV's.  The quality of workmanship is really lacking.

I'm a long ways from adding solar just yet but ran across these panels and wondered if anyone knew anything about them.. good or bad?
General Discussion / Re: Question: Water system valves
« Last post by Lou Schneider on Today at 04:04:27 PM »
The words are "Hot Water" and "Cold Water".  I opened these 2 valves to empty the tanks.  As far as I can tell these are located at the low spot.  I see no other drains in the system.  There IS a "quick drain" on the other side and I opened that as well.

Thanks for your help on this.

Those are the low point drains that empty water from the plumbing lines in the RV, not the tanks.  You still have to manually empty the freshwater tank and hot water tank.

There's probably another drain near the freshwater tank to let you drain it.  You drain the hot water tank by removing the large bolt near the bottom of the tank.  It's on the outside access panel.  Then see if you have a Water Heater bypass valve and set it to bypass the hot water tank.

Now you can blow out the system with air or add antifreeze.
General Discussion / Re: Replacing a leaking water heater
« Last post by breezie on Today at 04:03:27 PM »
Boy, if I knew I had to replace a tank I would definitely think it was time for me to look into an on-demand system.
General Discussion / Re: Looking At Purchasing Used Ambulance
« Last post by SpencerPJ on Today at 03:59:32 PM »
I work from a PC, but any links in any forums, I always 'right click', and open incognito.  Stops the scrappy ads and cookies.
The Shade Tree / Re: Restaurant Calories
« Last post by Lou Schneider on Today at 03:55:40 PM »
If God had meant for man to run long distances, He wouldn't have invented the automobile.    ;)
General Discussion / Re: Oops I did it again
« Last post by Larry N. on Today at 03:53:59 PM »
That's up to your insurance, what policy coverage you have. But that's basically how mine works.
The Shade Tree / Re: Restaurant Calories
« Last post by SpencerPJ on Today at 03:52:55 PM »
good link!

I've been on a major weight loss effort lately.  Have been using an app called "my fitness pal", by Under Armor.  I've found it very helpful in understanding my calorie and nutrient intake.

I've simply cut back on sugars, soda pop, hard alcohol, and carbs.  Not eliminate, just cute back. 
Dropping weight easily. 
College kids coming home for holidays, we'll see how long this lasts.
I split my plate often as well.  Sometimes I ask for to go box immediately.  Server kinda looks at me, but if it's in a box, I don't keep nibbling.

Newcomers' Corner / Re: Winterizing Questions
« Last post by Larry N. on Today at 03:50:27 PM »
I'd use your onboard tank, since the hose (and maybe faucet) can freeze up. Just fill your tank from the hose, then disconnect the hose and put it away to avoid it freezing. The water heater should be fine as long as it's turned on. With the mild freeze you're talking about chances are the only precaution you'll need is the disconnecting the hose. For colder and longer, a lot depends on the rig, whether you have tank heaters, etc.

Is it even ok to winterize it like that multiple times throughout the winter? Is that even the best option for us?
That method should work fine for you, and multiple times won't hurt a thing, other than causing you some work. Be sure you drain the water heater, too, unless you have it on in which case you MUST have water in it.
General Discussion / Re: Boarding up refrigerator vent
« Last post by breezie on Today at 03:44:53 PM »
so a piece of heavy aluminum, a pair of tin snips and a bunch of buytl rubber and you're all set.
General Discussion / Re: Replacing a leaking water heater
« Last post by Lou Schneider on Today at 03:44:49 PM »
The Atwood G6A-7E is a gas only water heater.   The electric element you have in the tank is an after-market add-on called a Hot Rod.

The problem is the limited amount of power available from a 30 amp, 120 volt outlet ... 3600 watts.  A factory installed electric heating element uses about half that power, or 1500 watts.  Even at that, it produces less than half as much heat as the propane flame.  It will take a 1500 watt element close to an hour to heat a cold 6 gallon tank of water.  A 400 watt element is even worse, it's meant more to maintain an already hot tank hot, not heat cold water to hot.

Put in a larger tank and it will take even longer to heat the water.  That's why larger water heaters use 240 volts where more energy is available so they can put more heat energy into the tank.
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