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General Discussion / Re: Refrigerator icing up
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 05:03:53 PM »
The other possible culprit is things stored in the fridge without covers or other barrier to keep the moisture in.  You've probably seen foods that get dried out in a fridge, aka freezer burn. The lost moisture ends up on the fins.
General Discussion / Re: Everglades?
« Last post by SeilerBird on Today at 05:01:43 PM »
Well what about tthe little two year old at disney a couple years ago.  Alligator got him.  And just a couple months ago one came out of a lake here by my house and ate a neighbors dog,  good news is i think they only eat once a week.  Right.  Lol
That kid was swimming a lake that was filled with alligators. The alligator did not eat him, one bite and he spit him out. Judy is correct, it was Disney's fault. My RV has a nice lagoon in my backyard and I see a gator in there occasionally. There are kids living on this lagoon. No danger if you don't fall in. Once again drunk drivers are the real problem.
Trailers & Fifthwheels / Re: Reseal roof
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 05:00:47 PM »
It's not layering that caused your problem - it was coating over caulk that was already bad.   However, if you don't feel confident about your assessment of the old caulk, by all means strip it off rather than overcoating.  Actually, there is no need to overcoat an area that is in good condition. If i ain't broke, don't fix it.
General Discussion / Re: Everglades?
« Last post by JudyJB on Today at 04:57:59 PM »
Do keep small pets and small children away from alligators, but American alligators are not at all like the pictures you see of Australian crocodiles lunging out of the water to attack adults.  They are just too lazy, although I might not have liked that 10-footer nuzzling the backs of my legs.

First, Midway campground is lovely and has electrical hookups.  There is a dump station and water fill.   It is also in the open so fewer mosquitos than other places.  You can ride a bike two miles down the road to a visitor center with dozens of alligators or just cross the highway and find them in the ditch on the other side.  And Shark Valley is about 15 miles away, and a wonderful place, with alligators, of course, but tons of birds.  You can ride a tram or your own bike around the paved, 15-mile loop trail.  Alligators climb up on the blacktop to sun themselves and warm up enough to eat, but they don't bother pedestrians or bike riders.  You can walk a yard away from them, but please don't bother them.  They might get irritated and "growl" if you try to pet them.  I have seen rangers standing three feet from one while lecturing to a school group and the alligator just kept snoozing.

Law is that you must not get within 15 feet of an alligator, but on a narrow pathway, that is not possible.  Haven't read anything about the hoards of tourists on the pathway getting eaten lately.

And Disney was negligent is putting a "beach" on one of their lakes, which are basically just big alligator ponds.  That child's death was horrible, but it was Disney's fault for not warning tourists that that beach was for looking and now for swimming.
Newcomers' Corner / Re: Butyl tape or Eternabond for window?
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 04:57:43 PM »
The butyl tape goes between the window frame and the sidewall and should be hidden. Maybe a little bit squeezes out, but not much. Then you apply a thin bead of a sealer around the top and side edges (not the bottom) to help keep water from getting behind the window frame.
General Discussion / Re: Refrigerator icing up
« Last post by Great Horned Owl on Today at 04:55:31 PM »
You could try opening it less often at night. You also want to make sure that the rubber door seals are still good. Close the door on a dollar bill ant then pull it out. there should be significant resistance.

Winnebago-specific issues / Re: Dash a/c
« Last post by Gary RV_Wizard on Today at 04:55:16 PM »
Same as you would recharge a car. There will be high & low pressure ports on the a/c lines. On a big Class A, the ports are usually up front, near the driver seat. In some they are accessed via a bay door and others via the front generator compartment.
The wall switch isn't really the power switcher - it is an activator for a big relay that actually turns 12v power on/off. Sounds like your relay is stuck in the ON position. Maybe failed, or maybe just needs a sharp rap to unstick it.  The relay may be part of the power center or may be aseprate module between battery and converter/charger.
General Discussion / Refrigerator icing up
« Last post by mudshark on Today at 04:49:59 PM »
Hi All
We have a Dometic fridge. It is a side by side, freezer on the left. Lately we have been noticing that the fins in the fridge side seem to ice up a lot.
We expect some icing as it is not a frost free. It seems like we are shutting it off and taking the hair drier to it every two weeks or so. We are in southern Arizona and the humidity is high at night but drops to almost nothing in the heat of the day. Is there anything we can do to reduce this condition? Are we doing something wrong? The cold settings go from 1 to 5 with 5 the coldest. We are set on 3.
Tech Talk / Re: WFCO Converter WF8865
« Last post by garyb1st on Today at 04:49:15 PM »
As mentioned earlier, before connecting the fridge, the batteries were reading 12.65v.  This after a full charge from the converter and 2 days rest.  So a reasonable starting voltage.  Before plugging the motorhome back into the house 120v the batteries were down to 12.25v.  So about .4v over the 26 hours with nothing running but the fridge.  The voltage dropped consistently over the 26 hours.  Whenever the compressor kicked in, the voltage would drop by about .2-.3 volts.  However as soon as the compressor stopped running, after maybe 10 - 20 minutes it would bounce back up.  This was pretty consistent throughout all my readings.  Don't know if this is typical battery behavior or an indication of an aging battery.

Putting things in perspective, I only opened the doors to the fridge 3 or 4 times.  The ambient temps were in the 60's and 70's so pretty much ideal conditions.  The fridge was also empty except for two cans of soda.  I guess the real test will begin on our next journey.   

So for now, I'm still noodling new batteries, a battery monitor and a replacement for the converter. 
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