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Motorhomes / Re: New tires on DP - 2" shorter than the old ones
« Last post by Ernie n Tara on Today at 09:21:02 AM »
To clear up some of the smoke here. First a two inch difference in height (diameter) for 22.5 inch tires will probably result in an error of around 6% in the speedometer reading with a higher reading for smaller tires. e.g. If your speedometer says 66 mph you are actually going 60 mph. Note that this also means your engine speed, in drive, is 6% higher and the torque under acceleration is increased by the same amount.

Secondly the load rating is not necessarily too low. A smaller tire may have the same load rating as a larger one, however it is likely to have a lower speed rating and may well require higher pressure at a given load. Since wheels are designed for a given maximum operating pressure you could have a problem there. Alternately, the shorter tire may be wider and thus have the same contact area at a given pressure. The downside here is that it may be too wide to be used as a dual on your vehicle (tires could contact each other).

Given the above facts, an inch or more difference in height may be acceptable from a safety or performance standpoint. That is, within reason load range G is equivalent to load range G regardless of tire height. Clearances between tires, pressure ratings of wheels and similar aspects may well also be acceptable between applications.


Why does this happen? Part of the reason in that Michellin sidewalls for a given tread width are taller than most other manufacturers . They use 80% of tread width for sidewall height while most manufacturers use 75%. That means that the tire overall height for a Toyo equivalent will be about 10% of the tread width shorter than the Michellin's all else (tread thickness and pressure for a given load) being equal. This could be a difference on the order of a half inch in height. Tread thickness could easily account for another 1/4 inch or more.
   Exactly.....the leverage was compounded by the additional length of the hitch set-up. We also have no idea how the trailer was loaded.....if it were quite tongue-heavy, it will make matters worse. Not at all surprising that the frame failed!
General Discussion / Re: Consumer protection
« Last post by Gizmo100 on Today at 09:06:06 AM »
If you feel the backhoe will do the job I would keep it and get back to work.

The shipping cost to return it is a little high, But they have to charge for the shipping in order to stop people from buying and returning after the job is done.

Just a heads up..I've owned 2 backhoes and they are high maintenance. If taken care of they will last for years.
Winnebago-specific issues / Suncruiser Fresh Water Leak
« Last post by DaveRB55 on Today at 09:04:53 AM »
Hello All,

We are camped at Great Outdoors in Titusville Fl for the winter and Just finishing our first year traveling.  I noted water dripping and have been trying to locate the problem without success.  My rig is a 2016 Itasca Suncruiser 38Q.   Iíve made an appt at the on site RV Repair facility (2wks out) and thought I would pulse those with more experience than me for some possible ideas while waiting.  Iím a reasonably good trouble shooter and Iím very concerned that even if they can find it, not sure how it can be fixed.

Iíve attached 3 pics to help understand my issue for anyone interested and has the time to look this over.  (First time with pics, so I hope I've done this right!)  The drip is clean water.   I think Iíve narrowed down that the leak is in my fresh water supply.  Iíve disconnected the supply hose and turned on my water pump.  It pulses a couple of seconds every 11 min or so.  When I  crawl underneath, I can see wetness seeping from overlapped sheeting rear of the back axle, center of rig, and just above the forward gas tank area.  The water then drips down the side (forward end) of the gas tank on the waste dump control side.  The only other wet location is in the dump area on an upper pocket area on the forward side as if water is running down from the center of the rig to that side although I can not see a path for the water, just a pocket filled with water.

Things Iíve checked: All plumbing visible from outside panels, all connections in the dump area, water pump and water heater connections, checked all faucet feeds, removed vents from shower base to view  water feed lines from shower and, everything appears dry.   I am unable to see the lines that cross over the rig from side to side where I suspect the leak is due to waste tanks.  There does not appear to be any fittings there from schematic, just tubing which I guess might be cracked but I'm unable to view.

As I said earlier, Iíve got an appt in two weeks,  the leak isnít major, but Iím pulling what little hair I have left trying to figure this out. 

Iíve called Winnebago Tech support and they suggested draining the system and pressurizing  the lines and listen for leaks but Iím not sure I have the volume in my pump that would allow that without turning off and on (noisy)  and not sure I could hear anything while parked outside.  To be honest, Iím a bit nervous pressurizing the lines as well. 

Would appreciate any ideas or suggestions
PCs, Communications, Electronics / Re: Chromebook question.
« Last post by Larry N. on Today at 08:53:34 AM »
I'm not a super technological person, but I've been using chromebooks for years instead of a "regular" computer and I've never found anything that I couldn't do on it that I have wanted or needed to do from a computer.
So much depends on your needs. I use Audacity (audio editing), ACDSee and the Gimp (photo management and editing), Open Office, and VLC (video/audio player), among others, just on my laptop -- especially used when I'm on the road. On my desktop I also run a flight simulator, Pinnacle Studio for creating/editing videos, and other stuff.

Chromebooks won't do any of those. Granted not everyone does most of those, but that's why I say it depends on your needs.
According to Jayco website, he has a 1000W INverter (as standard option)


With just a 1000W inverter I would expect that only a limited number of outlets would be powered by it.  Probably those in the audio/visual area and maybe a couple of others.  In our MH with a 2.8kW inverter about 80% of the outlets are powered.
Motorhomes / Re: New tires on DP - 2" shorter than the old ones
« Last post by AStravelers on Today at 08:45:56 AM »
The only way for one tire to be 2 inches shorter than another tire is for the two tires to be different sizes. 

It doesn't who makes a tire sized such as 255/80R22.5.  They will all be very close in size.  You might see a 1/4" or 3/8" difference, but you won't see 2 inches.
General Discussion / Re: Consumer protection
« Last post by sightseers on Today at 08:41:54 AM »
IMO...at this point...... just fix it,  and go on with life. 

(it's really not worth all the stress on your heart)   :))
PCs, Communications, Electronics / Re: Chromebook question.
« Last post by RVMommaTo6 on Today at 08:39:18 AM »
I'm not a super technological person, but I've been using chromebooks for years instead of a "regular" computer and I've never found anything that I couldn't do on it that I have wanted or needed to do from a computer.
General Discussion / Re: Consumer protection
« Last post by 1930 on Today at 08:31:11 AM »
Thanks for the feedback, I'm learning a lesson the hard way and of course it stings but I'll get thru it
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