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Author Topic: HELP! Where is the fresh water tank drain located on a 2000 Coachmen Starfyte?  (Read 2101 times)


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I just purchased a 22' Starflyte and the gauge reads that the freah water tank is 3/4 full. I am planning a trip next week and I want to clean out the tank before I use the coach. I am unable to locate the tank drain and time is getting short. HELP! Thanks.

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You probably won't may not find a drain for the fresh water tank. Just turn on a faucet or two and let it pump out. Here's the fresh water system sanitizing procedure in our forum library:

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You should be able to drain it by your water center.  (Where the hose and sewer connections come in)  just turn the valves to drain.  The pump will pump out the tank.


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