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Author Topic: 04 Itasca Suncruiser Inverter and Charging System Questions/TV Converter Box  (Read 3031 times)


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Looking through the various owner's manuals, I cannot determine what type of charging system my unit comes equipped with. 

1.  Does the 04 Itasca Suncruiser's charging system comes with a 3- stage charger to charge the house batteries?

2.  Second issue: In the front upper right cabinet, lower shelf (next to the main TV, just belowe where the inverter is located) is an electrical plug-in.  However, that receptacle does not appear to work with the inverter.  It was my assumption that the electrical plugs in both of the upper front cabinets (both sides of the main TV) were all running off the inverter, as this is what allows us to watch TV when dry camping.  However, I recently had to buy a "digital to analog" box for local "off air" channels, and was stunned to find out that by plugging my new converter box into the outlet on on the lower shelf (just below the inverter) produced no electricity; hence the only way we could watch TV would be to plug in to a shoreline or turn the gennie on.  What gives, oh wise RV-types?

3.  Third issue: Speaking of the digital to analog converter box, I'm trying to figure out the right steps to switch from watching the satellite to the off air to catch some local and network channels.   Here's the steps I took, please tell me what I missed:

a.  Switched from "satellite" to "antenna" at the control box
b.  Turned off the DISH box
c.  Turned on the digital to analog converter box
d.  I now have white snow (channels are set to 3 on TV and converter box)

Is there something with the DVD player since my TV runs through it?  (The DVD player was on in the sequence above)

Pat & Bonnie
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Wow--I am depressed; not one answer to my questions?  Are these questions simply too lame or??

Gary RV_Wizard

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Odd - I never saw your original message and I read them all several times a day! I guess everyone else missed it too.

I'm not familiar with your specific model, but it is likely your Suncruiser has a decent two stage charger but not a three stage. Another Winne/Itasca owner may know the specifics. They can probably also help with which outlets are wired to the inverter.  Remember, that the front tv outlets will not have power if the ignition key is on.

For your tv antenna question, it kind of depends on how you wired in the digital/analog converter box.  You may have blocked the power to the antenna amplifier if you inserted the converter between antenna and the video switch box. Again, another Itasca owner can probably give better suggestions than I can.
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John Canfield

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I'm puzzled like Gary - didn't see this one.

I gave you my best answer about you having a three stage charger in your earlier post.

You can check out your wiring diagrams to see which outlets are inverter powered, or give Winnie Owner Relations a call and ask them.

As far as operating your TV with the convertor box, take a look at these service tips - specifically 2008-4, 5 tip publications.  Winnebago provides some options about installing a digital convertor box.
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