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RV Forum Discount on LED lighting until end of 2012

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--- Quote from: fredethomas on February 05, 2011, 12:49:18 PM ---Daisy and I have used LED's in our Dutch Star for about 3 years now.  Good for camping with no electricity as they uses one tenth of the current as other bulbs.  We replaced the halogens first as those we used the most.  Then replaced the fluorescence's in two short fixtures.  At the time the strips did not have fixture parts to lock them in place - like Garys does.  There is no heat so the strips just lay on the plastic lamp covers.  I paralled strips until I got the right amount of light for the area and what they are used for.  We also changed out the bayonet type on the four lamps using that style.

They are very expensive so we did not go for changing the lamps that get only momentary usage.  The primary purpose is for dry camping.  I found the installation to be very easy - halogens very easy.

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I spent $130 on led tail lights I put on a class 8 truck in 2002, regular ones were about $20, the led lights are still going strong, before that I replaced them about once a year, so they do save over the long run.


--- Quote from: HomeSweetRV on April 15, 2012, 02:44:31 PM ---There is no wiring for the incandescent LED replacements - they just push or twist into the socket like the bulb they are replacing.

Be sure to order a few extra's though, we paid $8 a piece to replace the halogen (for now) and broke the first one.

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Thanks for that, I was wondering how they would go in.

Gary RV_Wizard:
Just a reminder that the 15% discount expires at year end.

Gary RV_Wizard:
This offer has expired, but there is a new one that replaces it. See the sticky titled "2013 LED lighting discount".


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