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Part-Time or Workamping that include healthcare?

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--- Quote from: Marsha/CA on May 03, 2011, 12:40:34 PM --- But, you can't go without it anymore.

--- End quote ---
Maybe you can't go without it but I have been without health insurance for the last 16 years. I figure I have saved about $100k in that time. I don't drink, do drugs, smoke and I don't have accidents. I live a healthy lifestyle and it pays big dividends. And I absolutely hate doctors. Been lied to me by them too many times. They killed both my parents with bad advise and too many prescription drugs and they won't kill me.

mx2446 - Ok, here ya go: My platform of choice is a DP that tows a 5er with a small TT behind that.     

seilerbird - i grew up without health ins, and though not ideal, as a child in poverty i didnt really know any better anyways, and obviously survived.   Now that I have kids of my own, and have become accustomed to health ins from my employment, it will be harder for me to just live on the wind. This is also enhanced by our watching my mother in law and father go thru cancer battles, so if nothing else I think we'd feel we need health ins for at least that type of catastrophe. Stinks that such is STILL so expensive though. but yer right, certain circumstances may warrant trying the go without, and you're right in how much you save if you're healthy.

when/if you become not-healthy with something major is the gamble. But i'm sure you took all those dividends you've saved and put them into an emergency fund thats liquid right?  ;)
Riiiight.   :)  (or maybe you have, if so, good job! most people dont)

Most employer health plans will only cover full time employees (32 Hrs/wk or more) For private insurance,
.Take a look at MSA/HSA plan. The last few years before I retired I refused to sell anything else.
It is a high deductible major medical +an IRA. You controle what you pay from the side fund. You can pay for things not usually covered by health insurance such as dental treatments. Any funds not used in the side fund(IRA)
can be drawn out at age 65.

We have health insurance. We pay a lot of money for it. But I won't take a chance not having it. My mother has never smoked or used drugs, she doesn't drink and she exercises. She had breast cancer in her 50s. My father drinks wine, smoked for a few years in his youth, never used drugs, and has always excerised. He had prostate cancer and now has pulmonary fibrosis. My sister never smoked or used drugs. She's a 10-year ovarian cancer survivor. You just don't know what fate is going to throw at you. Thank heavens they all have health insurance. We do have access to VA health care and it's actually very good now but I want a back up and I don't care if I reach 100 years old and spent a quarter of a million dollars on my separate health care. And I don't want you to have to pay for my health.

tswms - do you have an referalls or recommendations for a particular broker or agency servicing those type of plans, thats a new concept to me that i've not heard about.

Wendy - it certainly is a gamble, and some have come out pretty good with it. all growing up i never had health insurance and hardly ever went to do the dr, my mother likewise didn't and so far we don't know of any major issues. but, like you say and imply, it only takes one major thing to really suck what savings you have dry.


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