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Not a lot of places to stay in Chicago. Lots on the outlying outskirts though and more to the north than anywhere else.


John From Detroit:
You might wish to consider a membership in the Moose or Elk's lodge near your home.. (If you go Moose contact me private first)  as both of these tend to have lodges In town and many lodges offer at least limited RV support.. All have parking,  Taylor (Michigan) Moose (For example) has water and 30 amps.. No sewer.   Some have full hook up  And you are right in town.

To give you some idea of what they offer:

Elkhart, IN offers only parking space (RV capitol of the east half of the US and they only support the tires)

Lily KY, and Bowling Green KY have 15 amps (BG please limit to 10) and water  Lily if you have a macerator you can dump. (40 feet from pavement)

Taylor, as I said, 30 amp and water

Las Vegas, 30 and water

Palmdale, CA 30, water, sewer and Cable TV

I do not know what Elk lodges offer.

Frankly. a faternal membership is your best bet on "in the city" parking.

Moose lodge in Port Huron used to have a campground for RV's with hookups. I heard recently they sold it but still have an agreement with the new owner.  On the east side of Michigan, though, the best campground for RV's is easily Lake Huron Campground. It's huge, new and very clean. More of a resort than a campground really. www.lakehuroncamp.com

Len and Jo:
South western side of Michigan across Lake Michigan from Chicago.



--- Quote from: Len and Jo on August 28, 2011, 11:45:24 AM ---South western side of Michigan across Lake Michigan from Chicago.


--- End quote ---

^^ South Haven, YES!  And our favorite campground thus far is about 5-6 miles south of there is Covert Beach and Campground in Covert, MI.  Great quiet little local park, with a private stretch of beach that has breathtaking sunset views and lake access.  South Haven is a harbor town with a quaint downtown area (but several modern touches such as a Super Walmart on the other end of town) that hosts an annual Blueberry Festival and has a cool lighthouse and lots of neat boats sailing in and out during the summer months.


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