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Residency, mail, and a physical address

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--- Quote from: Wendy on April 27, 2012, 06:50:51 PM ---Wyoming - No income tax but they do have a 4% sales tax.

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Sales tax in AZ starts at 6.6% and city taxes are added to that. Some cities add as much as 4%. Then we have a 4.5% income tax and a hefty personal property tax on cars and RVs. But we have nice winters ;D

Gary RV_Wizard:
Florida - no income or personal property tax but a 6% sales tax. Low vehicle registration fees.

Nevada has no income tax and low taxes on everything else. The gamblers pay most of what it takes to run the state. I just registered my 94 Damon three months ago and it was less than $100 for the year.

Any negatives on Nevada? What's the sales tax there? Vehicle inspection required?


--- Quote from: Wendy on April 28, 2012, 10:51:18 AM ---Any negatives on Nevada? What's the sales tax there? Vehicle inspection required?

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I was a resident in Nevada before I went full time so I didn't investigate the best possible state to have my residency in. I have been very happy having my domicile in Nevada. Sales tax varies from county to county and I think it is around 8%. I don't spend a lot of time in Nevada so I the sales tax doesn't affect me.

Vehicle inspection is not required other than to verify the VIN number. Smog tests are required in some parts of Washoe County (Reno) and some parts of Clark County (Vegas). I live at Lake Tahoe so no smog test for me.

The only negative is that if you buy an RV from a dealer you are subject to sales tax when you register it. If you buy from a private party there is no sales tax.

Nevada is basically an unsettled state. Only Alaska has less population density per square mile than Nevada. It is still the wild west in many places. Butch Cassidy held up the bank in Winnemucka.


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