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Residency, mail, and a physical address

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DoubleCK - Please use the Search feature above and search on the term Montana LLC.  You will see many prior discussions on this topic.  It's not for everyone and for some people it's barely legal and for others considered tax evasion which is never good.


Kathy O:
I just ran into this problem today. I've moved three times in the last year from my 'physical' residence in Portland, Oregon, which was an apartment. I now live full-time in my rv for work and stay in one place for only 4-8 months at a time. Today, I got a ticket for expired tags on my car.  I never got the notice because my mail couldn't be forwarded from the rv parks I stayed in (not an excuse; I should have noticed they were expired).  To re-new the registration, I'm required to go back to Portland to go through DEQ because that's where my car is registered. I'm staying in the central Oregon high desert where there is no DEQ. I have no permanent physical address and don't want to use any of my family's addresses because of the increased insurance costs that go along with an urban address -- I'm never staying in an urban area, so why pay for it.  I can't use the address of the rv park I'm staying in, because it's a drop-spot with no mailboxes. Is there a mail service for full-timers in Oregon? Or should I ask a friend living in a rural community if I could use her address? I don't see Oregon as one of the recommended states to establish residency, but this is my state.  I've lived here most of my life, and I love it. I move around Oregon for work, have my driver's license here along with car registration and insurance.  The title to my rv was changed in Oregon but I wasn't required to actually register it.  In fact, the woman at the DMV suggested that I just buy the $30 trip permit each time I moved it, since I was only moving a few times a year and the registration fee is around $300.  Right now I have a 30 day trip permit for my car, to avoid another ticket, while I figure out where I live.... when I don't really live anywhere.  I feel your pain....... :-\

"Oregon has no vehicle safety (or emission) inspections".
  At least according to this guys   http://www.mailforwardingservices.com/mfs.htm  (maybe just not  in their area.) And you could sign up for their mail services. I have no idea if they are any good or not just searched them out.
1) "I have no permanent physical address"  Sure you do, it is "physically" where these guys are at.

Jim Godward:
I know that Multinomah (SP) County, Portland, has emissions testing but am not sure of other counties.

Mayby you should move north 1 state.  check out what Wash address rules.

For personally-owned vehicles
You must provide your residence street address. You also have the option to include an alternate mailing address.

You donít need to provide your residence street address if any of the following are true:
Youíre exempt from paying motor vehicle excise taxes or fees.
Your vehicle is exempt from motor vehicle excise taxes or fees.
Youíre homeless.

That is from  http://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/address.html  So If you were in WA you could tell them you are "homeless".

Funny thing is wife and I are trying to be "homeless".  Two more houses to sell and we will be "homeless".  We are going to do the South Dakota residence thing to prevent issues like you've encountered or at least we hope.


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