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Author Topic: Fix for Pleasure Way Excel steering and stability problems...This really works!  (Read 18818 times)


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First of all, let me say that I really feel for anyone out there with a Pleasure Way Excel that they have difficulty steering. Secondly, I sadly must tell you that Pleasure Way could care less and told me so in a letter in response to my complaints regarding my 2006 Excel TS. Here is the response to the letter I sent asking Pleasure Way to compensate me for the repairs to the suspension that I was forced to make in order to be able to drive my Excel.

"In response to your letter dated September 8, 2012 Iím sorry but Pleasure-Way is not responsible for your 2006 Excel. I sense your frustration and am sorry you experienced it. Steering and handling of motorhomes I compare it to bed mattresses. What I may feel as too firm you may interpret as too soft. As you are aware, for every person that feels their handling is not adequate there are many more that are satisfied. The Econoline van chassis is scheduled to be discontinued by Ford in 2013. This is why we made a transmission to the dual rear wheel cut away chassis. Iím sorry this is not the response you were looking for.


Dean Rumpel
VP Pleasure-Way Ind.

So, since Pleasure Way has decided to leave all of us out in the cold, I found a suspension shop that was able to resolve all the steering and stability issues so that you can now travel down the road with my Excel at 75 mph with one finger on the wheel...not that I would recommend doing that. I can honestly say that my Excel was so bad that even at 55 mph, we nearly lost control twice due to wander and unresponsive steering and it was a case of white knuckling anytime we took it anywhere.

I have attached the list of things that should be done to make your Excel safe to drive.


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I am possibly interested in the purchase of a Pleasure Way Excel in the 2002 to 2006 model year range and have a few questions for you: What was the total cost of the modifications to your Excel? Are you still satisfied with the improvements in the handling?  How were you able to determine that the cargo carrying capacity of your Excel was increased as the result of these modifications?  Thanks

Lou Schneider

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Unfortunately, mfuwriter has not been back to visit the Forum since posting this message over two years ago.

John From Detroit

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I usually mention track bars on Motor homes too... That's a good list of things you did glad it worked.

IT is sad that they do not build 'em right to start with but,,,  One of the things you said just adds to my feelings about Ford,
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I have a 2005 (which I bought used only about 8 months ago) and I thought the steering issues were restricted to my RV only. On the other hand I don't know that my RV is so bad that it is worth spending thousands of dollars to correct it since paying attention while driving seems to be almost always enough to keep me running relatively straight, especially on well maintained roads.

What I would like it some way to keep the unit from being "pushed" by passing trucks. I used a sway control hitch when towing my Hi-Lo trailer but now that I have a Pleasure-Way I don't know if there is something I can use to do the same kind of thing.
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Gary RV_Wizard

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There's not much to be done when pitting a small vehicle against the side-winds created by a larger one.  A big truck or motorhome passing you creates a huge bow wave of air. The broad sides of your vehicle make a perfect sail to catch that wind, but it doesn't have the mass to resist the force of the huge wind against it.

If they make a track bar (panhard rod) for your chassis (Ford E350?), it might help manage the steering better by reducing the suspension movement a little. Supersteer and several others have track bars for an E350.
Gary Brinck
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    I purchased a 1998 Pleasure Way Excel on Dodge chassis in July. I later read up & found this forum.  The sway & bouncing surprised me & handling was terrible especially on interstates.
   To the point: Replaced shocks, re-bushed sway bar links, drag link, steering damper & inflated rear air bags to 80 lbs. & finally 2" spacers on rear axle. The spacers made the most difference. Made considerable improvement.
    Drove 1300 miles to Florida & white knuckled all the way with frontend sway. The previous owners showed receipt for lower ball joint replacement . The final solution was replacing all four ball joints ( the top ball joints fell apart upon removal).
    It now tracks straight & very little or no sway at all except in strong crosswinds which is normal. I can now drive with steering wheel held with one hand. It certainly is now a pleasure to drive.


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Unfortunately, mfuwriter has not been back to visit the Forum since posting this message over two years ago.
Pleasure Way probably took him out. :P
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Re: Fix for Pleasure Way Excel steering and stability problems...
« Reply #8 on: October 07, 2016, 05:26:12 PM »
I am the new owner of a 2003 Pleasureway Excel TS on the Ford E350 frame with single rear wheels. There are 80,000 Km. on the odometer and we are experiencing the same steering and stability problems others have messaged about here in the past.
Have replaced the original OME shocks with Munroe "Gas Magnum" units and had an alignment done.

I would appreciate any advice on what tire choices you have found successful and /or further changes improvements you have made to deal with steering and stability issues.

Ted & Maureen Meadley
North Saanich, BC, Canada       


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Regarding the steering concerns with the Pleasure Way Excel. I purchased a 2004 3 years ago and have tried several improvements. I added wheel spacers to the rear, Good Year Wrangler tires to the rear (slightly wider and more aggressive than all season radials), started running rear suspension at 65-70 psi, and added a RoadMaster Reflex Steering Stabilizer Kit to the front. All helped, but the steering stabilizer, by far, provided the greatest improvement.  Bob

Road Tripping

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I  bought a 2003 Excel TS in June and it steered perfectly at speeds up to 80+ mph when I crossed the country to Miami from California.

What sort of problems have you had?


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Road Tripping: I wonder if the previous owners made modifications, corrections?  We just purchased a 2003 Pleasure Way Excel TS and are having sway problems.  We had the shocks replaced but that did nothing.  We are now considering adding a leaf or steering stabilizer kit. If anyone has more suggestions please help.  Also our air bag won't hold air and seems difficult to replace.