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Edited and uploaded by Don Jordan

Occasionally you'll see little cryptic codes in messages.  These are called emoticons, and are used to express the emotions of normal voice communication -- for example, to indicate that the "snide" comment you just read was really a joke.  The following list has been compiled from ten years of reading messages on bulletin  boards and CompuServe forums.

emoticon (noun).  A figure created with the symbols on the keyboard.  Read with the head tilted to the left.  Used to convey the spirit in which a line of text is typed.

Emoticon     Meaning

-]                  User has one eye
-)                  User has one eye
:-i                  Semi-Smiley
:-]                 Smiley blockhead
:-%               User has beard
:-o                User singing national anthem
:-t                 User is cross
:-:                 User is mutant
:-(                Drama
:-)                Comedy
:-                  User is male
:-?                User is smoking a pipe
:-=)              Older user with mustache
:-                Undecided user
:-p               User is sticking their tongue out (at you!)
:-)'               User tends to drool
:-'|               User has a cold
:-)8             User is well dressed
:-D              User talks too much
:-                Popeye smiling face, for people who look like popeye
:-#               User's lips are sealed.
:-o               User is shocked
:-*               User just ate a sour pickle
:-)-{8          User is a big girl
:-s               User after a BIZARRE comment
:-o              User is surprised
:-{              User has a mustache
:-|               No expression face, 'that comment doesn't phase me'
-:-)             User sports a mohawk and admires Mr. T
:-%             User has beard.
:-&             User which is tongue-tied
:-9              User licking it's lips
:-(               Sad
:-`               User spitting out its chewing tobacco
:-*              User after eating something bitter
:->              Hey hey             
:-X             User is wearing a bow tie
:-6              User after eating something sour
:-0              User is an orator
:-7              User after a wry statement
:-#|             User with bushy mustache
:[email protected]            User face screaming
:-%             User is a banker
:-}              User wears lipstick
:-)              Humor (or smiley)   
:-v              Talking head Smiley
:-c              Bummed out Smiley
:-x              "my lips are sealed" Smiley
:[email protected]            User's beard has permanent wave *or* was drawn by Picasso
:-|              "have an ordinary day" Smiley
:-e              Disappointed Smiley
:-<              Real sad Smiley
:-I               Hmm                 
:-(               Boo hoo             
:-8(             Condescending stare
:-#              User's lips are sealed.
:-O             Uh oh               
:-Q             Smoker
::-)              User wears glasses
:<|               User attends an Ivy League school
:=)              User has two noses
:>               Midget Smiley
:>)              User has a big nose
:%)%          User has acne
:~)              User's face needs a nosejob, no explanation necessary
:n)              User with funny-looking right nose
:u)              User with funny-looking left nose
;-)              Winking Smiley
;-              Popeye gets his lights punched out
'-)              User only has a left eye, which is closed
(-:              User is left-handed
(-)              User needing a haircut
(:-)             Smiley big-face
(:-(             unSmiley frowning
(:)-)            User likes to scuba dive
(:I               Egghead
):-(             UnSmiley big-face
)8-)            Scuba Smiley big-face
{:-)             Smiley with its hair parted in the middle
{(:-)            User is wearing toupee.
}(:-(           User, wearing toupee in wind.
+-(:-)          User is the pope
+:-)            Smiley priest
,-}             Wry and winking
*-(             Cyclops got poked in the eye
*:o)            User is a Bozo
*<|:-)          User is Santa Claus (Ho Ho Ho)
<:I              Dunce
<|-)=          User is chinese
=:-)            User is a hosehead
=:-#}          Smiley punk with a mustache....
=:-)            Smiley punk-rocker
>-              Female
>:-<           Mad
%-^           User is Picasso
%-)            User is cross-eyed
#-)             User partied all night
@-)            Person submitting is Cyclops
@:I             Turban
|-O             Birth
|-)               Hee hee             
|-D             Ho ho              
|-)              User is asleep (boredom)
|-P             Yuk
0-)             User wearing scuba mask
8-)             User wears glasses
8                Infinity
8-|             Suspense
8-#            Death
8:-)            Glasses on forehead
8:]              Normal smiling face except that User is a gorilla
B-)             Horn-rims
B-|             User is wearing cheap sunglasses
g-)              Smiley with ponce-nez glasses
o-)             User is a cyclops
P-)             User is getting fresh
[:-)             User is listening to Walkman radio
[:|]              User is a robot