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RVing with kids

by Carl Lundquist

When asked for advice by a couple who were intending to rent and RV and head west with their four children, Carl had this humorous response.

Aspirin. Lots of aspirin.

It is possible for kids to live on beanie-weenie alone. Mac and cheese in a box is another staple. Contrary to rumor it is not possible for parents to live on aspirin and whiskey alone - take pretzels.

Avoid restaurants like poison. One bored RV kid can disassemble one in a half-hour. The mind quails at the thought of four - especially four boys. Chucky Cheeses are an exception. However, a half hour in a CC can disassemble an adult. Weigh your options.

Tie all four in their seats inside the motorhome while backing into or coming out of campsites. Also while neighbors are backing in or out of their campsites.

Feed the mob outside the trailer in any kind of weather up to a Beaufort Scale 8 storm. The cleaning problem is greatly simplified thereby. Ants and vultures take care of most of it. Wind does the rest.

Disable the TV. This will force the kids to leave the motorhome and encounter reality. However, there are advantages to the contrary position. Weigh your options and have more pretzels.

Take a pop tent or two of sufficient size to accommodate the herd. If the RV campground permits tents on site, they will give the parents a night of relative peace. However do ask the CG about this. Many have wised up to the consequences and have outlawed them.

CGs with water parks are great. The kids get amused, tired out, and washed all at the same time. A tote bag for each kid to hold towels, soap and shampoos are very useful with CG showers and swimming pools. It also gives a kid something convenient to forget.

Overall your kids will have a great time and remember this for the rest of their lives. You? Have some more pretzels.