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Departing a campground checklist

Before starting the engine


  • Awnings raised and locked.
  • All outside furniture, etc. stowed.
  • Disconnect water, electric, sewer and phone.
  • Stow hoses, cords and cables.
  • Lock storage bays.


  • TV antenna lowered.
  • DSS antenna lowered.
  • Slideout in and locked.
  • Head door latched.
  • Coffee pot secured.
  • All loose items secured.
  • Raise jacks.
  • Check refrigerator running on gas.

Start engine

  • Check that all dash alarms are out.
  • Wait for air pressure to build.
  • Pull out.

Before leaving the campground.

  • Hook up towed vehicle.
  • Tow bar connected securely.
  • Light connector attached.
  • Steering unlocked.
  • Transmission in neutral.
  • Check directional and brake lights.
  • Lock entrance door.