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Make your own leveling blocks

by Ardra Fitzgerald

It's relatively easy to make your own blocks for leveling your RV. These blocks can be used to level an motorhome that doesn't have jacks or, in the case of a motorhome with jacks, they can help with a very uneven camp site.

Jerry made some great leveling blocks that we needed for a couple of driveways. He used 2 x 10 boards because we have 22-inch tires, but 2 x 8s are fine for 19.5 inch tires. Jerry cut three boards. One is approximately 22 inches long, one is about 17 inches long, and one about 12 inches long. One end of each board was cut square. The other end of each board was cut at a 45-degree angle.

Each board was stacked on the other, with the shortest being on top and the flat ends placed flush. He then drilled down through the boards so he could drop nails in to hold them together. This allowed him to assemble the leveling blocks as one, two, or three boards high, depending on what is required for the site.

Drawing by Jerry Fitzgerald,

When on an unlevel site, drive the front wheels up onto the leveling blocks to raise the coach (having graduated ends make the upward drive easier). This brings it much closer to level. Only then do you use the front jacks to perhaps raise the front end a little more. You also may need a couple of square boards to put under the front leveling jacks because they will then be much higher off the ground. This should allow you to level the coach and still keep several hundred pounds of weight on the front tires just as though they were on the ground.