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Replacing in-tank fuel pump on a Bounder

by Jim Johnson

The following narrative is the procedure I used to change the in-tank fuel pump on a 1991 Bounder on a Ford F-53 chassis. There are several differences between this chassis and another F-53 chassis that I helped on and I will point these out.

My motorhome shed has a sloped ramp at the entrance which allowed me to position the tank over the ramp which allowed for additional space to work. Any way that you can get additional space under the tank will help greatly in the procedure.

On my motor home, the tank is fastened to the frame with one strap across the middle from frame rail to frame rail. There is one bold/nut combination at each end of the tank holding it to the chassis. On a Bounder with tag axle there were two straps across the tank.

I first disconnected one end of the strap and loosened the nut on the other side sufficiently to swing the strap out of the way. On my motor home the filler hose and vent hose connected to the left side of the tank and was a fairly simple job to remove them. On the tag axle Bounder the filler and vent hose were weathered and hard so the owner decided to just cut the hose when we first started and replaced the hose with new on the re-installation. Because of the tight space near the frame rail this made the removal much easier. I first loosened the nut on the stud on the front of the tank and ran it back all the way to the end of the stud. Using a floor jack with wooden spacers to get under the back end of the tank. I then removed the nut on the rear stud and lowered the tank to the ground.

On the tag axle Bounder, the tank was much larger. This gave very little space between the tank and the frame rail. It required the tank to be tilted sideways slightly in order to lower the tank and clear the frame rail on the left side with the filler hose connection. We accomplished this by wrapping a tie-down strap around the tank and used that to tilt the tank.

Once the rear end of the tank is lowered to the ground, hanging by the stud at the front, it is easy to remove the pump which is located on the left side of the tank. When the tank was installed raising it back into place was simple on my motor home but on the tag axle bounder it required us to tilt the tank, left side higher than the right, in order to clear the frame rail and to insert the filler tank connection through the frame rail. Reinstall the filler and vent hose, replace the nut on the rear stud and tighten both front and rear nuts. Replace the strap/straps and you are finished.

Hope this helps anyone who needs to do the same job.