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Keeping your RV cool

Forum members were asked to share their tips for keeping their RV cool in hot, sunny weather and the following were their suggestions.

  • Even the slightest shade on the site helps. Think about where the sun is at mid-day and late afternoon, when it is hottest.
  • Open awnings to shade the windows and walls and thus reduce sun-loading on the interior.
  • Put reflective tint on window glass.
  • Put sun-blocking screens on the outside of the windshield and adjoining windows.
  • Hang screens on the inside of other windows.
  • Put foam insulation in ceiling vents. RV stores sell "pillows" designed for a standard 14x14 vent but you can buy 2 inch foam in most any craft or fabric store and cut your own. Even a cloth cover snapped over an opening will help quite a bit. Don't forget the shower skylight if you have one.
  • Additional fans will circulate the air and reduce hot spots.
  • Consider closing off unused areas during the day, especially if leaving a pet. Your a/c may be able to keep a smaller area cool.
  • Cut and fit insulating sheets using the 2x3 foam-backed poster boards available in most craft stores, Walmart, etc. This material is 1/4 inch rigid foam and will generally stand on its own in window tracks, entry door, etc. It dosn't look real shabby and can be stored easily under a mattress or back of a closet.