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Keeping ants away

The following suggestions for keeping ants out of your RV were offered by RV Forum members Gary Brinck and George Scott.

For very small pharoah ants common in Florida:
1 part boric acid 1 part honey 1 part hot water Dissolve boric acid and honey in hot water. Put mixture into small open containers (bottle caps, small plastic lids, etc.) It will solidify as it cools. Place containers in corners, under fridge, stove, etc. Boric acid is also great for preventing fleas. Sprinkle on rugs and brush it in.

Generic ant protection:
Spray the ground around the tires rather than the tires themselves. In extreme cases, carry pieces of carpet that have been soaked in kerosene of other low-volatile petroleum and park the tires on top of the carpet. This supposedly is foolproof.

Only had the problem with the water hose once and we carefully sprayed a little several feet from the end. A little bit of insecticide can poison a lot of water! I've heard of using vaseline on hose and electrical cable to stop them, but never tried it myself.

Bengal brand insecticide has a high residual effect and can be sprayed around openings under/sides of trailer or coach. Also where pipes come through cabinets and such. Highly effective on all kinds of critters. Expensive but well worth it, in our opinion.

Amdro is an effective ant killer in dry form that can be spread around ant mounds at the campsite to reduce the population, but be careful about runoff into lakes and streams. It doesn't work on sugar or grease ants (the tiny ones), but there is a bottled liquid that does - has some clever name like Ant-Kill or something. It is a sticky liquid that attracts the ants to feed and they carry it back to the nest to kill it off.