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Free up sticking window

The following suggestions were made by forum members in response to a request for help with a "sticking" sliding window.

Use a thin nozzle tube and vacuum out the tracks well. Sometimes that does the trick because dirt gets into the tracks. Most RV window tracks have some type of "fuzzy" fabric to help prevent draughts, so do not use WD-40 or anything that has a trace of oil in it, as this will only attract dirt faster.

If it is very dirty it might be wise to use a degreaser (409 for ex) and laboriously, with a toothbrush, q-tips or what ever you think may be suitable, to launder that "fuzzy stuff". Perhaps flush it with clean water afterwards and let it dry.

Don't use graphite for lubrication as this will take up space and eventually tighten the space required for smooth operation.

If the "fuzzy stuff" has crinkled up, a razor blade may be needed to cut out the offending piece.

Brush the tracks with an old 1" paint brush then vacuum the residue.

To keep the window sliding easily, sharpen a candle into point and rub it up and down the tracks a few times then 'work' the windows back and forth. The candle wax leaves no 'oily' residue for other gunk to stick to.

Contributors to this article were: Ardra Fitzgerald, Buddy Tott, Carson.