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Fix worn door hinge

by Robert Flight

Faced with a worn hinge and sagging door on his 1989 RV, forum member Robert Flight came up with this creative way of fixing the problem.

The style of hinge we have is a continuous piano hinge type but each hinge section is approx 3" long. The wear was a result of aluminum turning on aluminum with nothing between the moving parts. Over time the aluminum wore and the door dropped to a point where it would not close easily and rubbed on the door sill.

The solution was to purchase a bunch of stainless steel split lock washers with the ID sized for the hinge pin. I lifted the door up to expose the gap to be filled by the lock washer (approx 1/16" created from wear) and blocked it up at a convient opened position. I then took each lockwasher, opened it up, slid it into the gap and then closed it with pliers. I now had a smooth working door!

I did this about 5 years ago and the door is still working great. I am still amazed that such a simple fix has worked so long.