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Water heater or refridgerator won't light

The following information was extracted from discussions on the RF Forum message boards.

Spiders are attracted to the smell of propane, so it's normal for them to take up residence in various places in an RV. They can spin their webs in places such as burner tubes, preventing water heaters and refridgerators from working.

If your water heater or refridgerator burner won't light or won't stay lit, check the burner tube. Clean it out with either compressed ait or a bittle brush to remove the offending blockage.

Keeping spiders away can be done quite simply by placing moth balls in strategic places in and under an RV. Such places include the propane locker and in the vicinty of burner tubes for the water heater and refridgerator. A couple of mothballs on the ground under the RV might also help prevent new hitchhikers.