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Communicating in Quebec

Hello                   Bonjour
Goodbye                 Au Revoir
Good night              Bonsoir
Good Evening            Bonsoir
Please                  S'il Vous Plait
Thank you               Merci
Excuse Me               Pardon
Help me                 Aidez moi
Fire                    Feu
Cold                    Froid
Hot                     Chaud

Yes                     Oui
No                      Non
Maybe                   Peut Etre
More                    Plus, Encore
Less                    Moins
Enough                  Assez
Now                     Maintenant
Immediately             Toute Suite
Later                   Plus Tard
Soon                    Bientot
Early                   Tot
Late                    Tard

North                   Nord
South                   Sud
East                    Est 
West                    Ouest

Speed                   Vitesse
Open                    Ouvert
Closed                  Fermée
Entrance                Entrée
Exit                    Sortie
Toward                  Vers
From                    De
Forbidden               Interdit
No Parking              Stationnement Interdit
Ticket                  Billet
Pass                    Passe
Discount                Escompte
Senior Citizens         L'Age D'Or
AAA                     CAA

Today                   Aujourd'hui
Tomorrow                Demain
Yesterday               Hier
Next Week               La Semaine Prochaine
Next Month              Le Mois Prochain
Day                     Jour
Night                   Nuit
Midnight                Minuit
Noon                    Midi
Morning                 Matin
Afternoon               Apres Midi
Evening                 Soirée

Number                  Numero
One                     Un
Two                     Deux
Three                   Trois
Four                    Quattre
Five                    Cinq
Six                     Six
Seven                   Sept
Eight                   Huit
Nine                    Neuf
Ten                     Dix
Zero                    Zero
Hundred                 Cent
Thousand                Mille

Money                   Argent
Dollar                  Dollar
Cents                   Cents
Exchange                Echange
Exchange Rate           Taux d'Echange
Canadian                Canadien
American                Americain
State                   Etat
Province                Province
City                    Ville
Town, Village           Village
Hour                    Heure
Minute                  Minute
Dog                     Chien
Cat                     Chat

Airport                 Aeroport
Aircraft                Avion
Bus                     Autobus, autocar
Road, Highway           Chemin
Street                  Rue                 
Expressway              Autoroute
River                   Riviere
Bridge                  Pont
Railway                 Chemin de Fer
Railway Station         Gare
Post Office             Bureau de Poste
Convenience Store       Depanneur
Customs                 Douanes
Lawyer                  Avocat
Police                  Police
Church                  Eglise
Pay Phone               Telephone Publique
Long Distance           Interurbain

All telephone operators speak English.

Dial 911 for emergencies.

Shopping Center         Centre D'Achats
Restaurant              Restaurant
No Smoking Section      Section Non Fumeurs
Reservation             Reservation
Kosher                  Kacher
Waiter                  Garcon
Manager                 Gerant
To Pay                  Payer
At the Checkout         A La Caisse
At the Table            A La Table
The Bill                La Facture, ( L'Addition in restaurants)
Credit Card             Carte de Credit
Cash                    Comptant, La Monnaie
Tip                     Pourboire
Dining Room             Salle a Manger
Breakfast               Dejeuner
Lunch                   Diner
Supper                  Souper
Bread                   Pain
Water                   de L'eau
Please                  S'il Vous Plait
Thank you               Merci

Toilet                  Toilette
Mens'                   Hommes
Ladies'                 Femmes
Baby                    Bébé
Diaper                  Couche

Water                   L'eau
Drinking Water          L'Eau Potable
Liquor Store            S.A.Q. (Gov't Operated Outlets in Quebec)
Beer                    Biere (sold in all grocery stores in Quebec)
Grocery                 Epicerie
Meat                    Viande
Ground Meat             Viande Hachee
Beef                    Beouf
Pork                    Porc
Chicken                 Poulet
Eggs                    Oeufs
Vegetables              Legumes
Fruits                  Fruits
Ice Cream               Creme Glacée
Dessert                 Dessert
Cake                    Gateau

Emergency               Urgence
Hospital                Hopital
Doctor                  Medicin
Dentist                 Dentiste
Nurse                   Garde Malade
Medication              Medicament
Pharmacy                Pharmacie
Prescription            Prescription, Ordonnance
Pain                    Douleur
Sick                    Malade
Appointment             Rendez Vous
Insurance               Assurance

Gasoline                Essence, gas
Diesel Fuel             Diesel
Propane                 Propane
Electricity             Electricité
Laundry                 Buanderie
Drinking Water          L'Eau Potable
Sewer                   Egout
RV Site                 le Site
Pull Through            Pull Through
RV                      Vehicule Recreatif
Motorhome               Motorisé
Travel Trailer          Remorque, Roulotte
Truck                   Camion
Car                     Automobile, Voiture
Tent                    Tente
Tent Trailer            Tente Roulotte
Bicycle                 Bicycle, Velo
Hitch                   Attache
Tire                    Pneu
Flat Tire               Crevaison
Repair                  Reparation, reparer
Replace                 Remplacement, remplacer
Campground              Terrain de Camping
Beach                   Plage
Swimming Pool           Piscine
Map                     Carte
Modem Connection        Prise Pour Odinateur (Internet)
Full Hookups            Trois Services  (Three Services)

Slide Out               Extension
Length                  Longeur
20 feet                 Vingt Pieds
25 feet                 Vingt Cinq Pieds
30 feet                 Trente Pieds
35 feet                 Trente Cinq Pieds
40 feet                 Quarante Pieds
45 feet                 Quarante Cinq Pieds

Rental Office           Bureau de Location
Administration Office   Bureau d'Administration
Information             Renseignments

1 Liter = 0.2645 US Gallons
1 Kilometer= 0.6 Miles
100 Kilometers = 60 Miles
0 Degrees C = 32 Degrees F
16 Degrees C = 61 Degrees F
25 Degrees C = 77 Degrees F
30 Degrees C = 86 Degrees F

Monday        Lundi
Tuesday       Mardi
Wednesday     Mercredi
Thursday      Jeudi
Friday        Vendredi
Saturday      Samedi
Sunday        Dimanche

January       Janvier
February      Fevrier
March         Mars
April         Avril
May           Mai
June          Juin
July          Juillet
August        Aout
September     Septembre
October       Octobre
November      Novembre
December      Decembre

English Radio in Montreal Montreal English speaking radio stations: 940 AM CINW , News, traffic and weather updates on the 1's for audio streaming. 800 AM CJAD Fair for news, Good weather forecasts but otherwise so-so. 88.5 FM CBC Montreal. 92.5 FM music, 93.5 FM classical. 92.9 FM Vermont, 107.9 FM VT PBS.

Montreal English TV Ch 6 CBC, Ch 12 CTV, Ch 46 Global Mtl, Ch 44 Fox (NY), Ch 3 CBS (VT), Ch 5 NBC (NY), Ch22 ABC (VT), Ch 33 (VT),57 (NY) PBS.

In Quebec City the only one is 104.7 FM CBC.