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Baja web sites

Compiled by Peter/Colette Cashmore

Baja Index -
The whole enchilada! This complete index of Baja California websites incorporates results from major search engines, eliminates the balderdash and displays a comprehensive list of relevant Baja sites with brief descriptions.

Baja-Web -
Get updated travel tips and weather for Baja or go to individual cities to get area maps, event dates, and tips on the nightlife and dining.

BajaLinks -
Expansive and excellent collection of links for anyone traveling to the Baja, arranged by category. - The Interactive Peninsula -
Quirky, innovative multilingual guide to the Baja. Contributions include travelogues, reviews, books, recipes, surfing photos, and language tips.

Amigos de Baja's BajaNet -
Detailed site with fishing reports and resources, tide info, Baja discussion centers, travel tips, maps, weather, and photos.

Club Vagabundos del Mar -
Get a membership form to join the oldest Baja boat traveling club for news, tips, insurance, savings and tours to various Baja destinations. Baja's Oldest and Most Experienced Club.

Paula McDonald's Baja Online -
Outstanding site from travel writer, photographer, and self-confessed "Baja enthusiast extraordinaire". With features, maps, and tips galore.---- connected to

Baja Life Online -
Search for a topic on Baja tourism or visit colorful pages that present distance tables, weather, government agencies, and road conditions.

Mexico's Baja California Directory -
Amigo! Mexico Online's handy list of links which includes city guides, accommodations, places to eat and drink, as well as a map and chat room.

Information Pages - Baja California -
Fred T. Metcalf's collection of tips, advice, and info from various sources. Find out about road conditions, hotels, ferries, RV parks and more.

All Baja -
Use this guide to get in touch with hotels, restaurants, and local transportation, activities, charters, and tour companies in various cities.

BajaNet Fishing -
Emphasizes fishing resources, but also provides visitor links and resources. Find fish reports, water data, discussion pages, and travel tips.

Baja Travel Guide and GuideBook -
Useful site describes rural recreation and city nightlife. Find local Yellow Pages, browse classified ads, and search travel guide.

Baja Travel -
Find out where to stay and eat in Baja, get maps, chat with other travelers, and look into activities and services in the major cities.

Baja- (Road Conditions) -
Presents up-to-date news, reporst on road conditions and weather, customs information, and guides to events and campgrounds.

BajaQuest -
Describes in detail information about Baja's major destinations. Lists government resources, and local activities, events, and services.

Best Of Baja -
Guide sponsored by the Baja Safari Mexico Club introduces first-timers to tours, accommodations,water sports, and attractions in Baja.

Cruise the Sea of Cortez -
isplays a map that lets sailors know where to get supplies and anchor, answers questions about boating in the area, and tells cruising tales. - Baja California -
Resource guide has a diverse collection of reviews, opinions, recommendations, articles, and links. Includes tips on surfing, transport, and golf.

TryBaja with Big Tuna Bill -
Visit the destinations pages for regional activities, accommodations, transportation, search for trip packages, or get the fishing report.

Virtual Mexico Mall - Baja California -
Read about the geography, climate, and activities found in Baja, plus a synopsis of the tourism highlights around the metropolitan areas.

Save on insurance and accommodations -
Join the club, sign up for one of the regular tours to Baja, and get the latest travel club news.

San Felipe and Baja Information Source -
Great insurance rates, lots of good information.

Baja Nomad Magazine and Travel Club -
Get a taste for the Baja with this collection of Publishes articles, news, and personal stories by well-traveled frequenters of the Baja peninsula, plus offers membership to their travel group.

Jinx and Mad Dog's Sea of Cortez -
View some impressive photos from the Baja coastal regions and meet this couple, who have documented various trips they've taken to the area.

Baja Diving -
Provides links to outfitters, an updated dive report,a photo gallery, and descriptions of local dive spots for the scuba enthusiast.

Three Routes Baja SCUBA Diving Directory -
Use this index to link to dive services in various locations around Baja.

La Paz Weather -
Compiled in May/99.