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Tire pressure monitoring

by Tom Jones

Undetected low air pressure in a tire can result in lower fuel economy and poor handling, and may lead to premature tire failure or cause an accident. Low air pressure in a rear dually tire of a motorhome or a tire on a trailer or towed vehicle may not be detected until the tire fails. Real time tire pressure monitoring is one way to help prevent these issue.

There are several tire pressure monitoring systems available for after-market installation. In each case, the pressure sensor and a radio transmitter are combined in a single unit, together with a battery to power the transmitter. A receiver/display unit is mounted on or near the dash to alert the driver to a low tire pressure condition.

One caveat - the tire pressure monitor cannot guess what the correct air pressure for you tires should be. You should consult the tire inflation tables for your brand and type of tire, weigh your RV and adjust the tire pressures accordingly. Click here for an explanation of how to determine the correct tire pressure.


PresurePro, from Advantage PressurePro, uses sensors screwed onto the valve stems. To learn more about the PressurePro system and for ordering details from an approved distributor, click here

Pressure Pro kit right out of the box.

Attaching sensor to front tire on author's motorhome.

Attaching sensor to rear tire on author's motorhome.

Setting up the system.

PressurePro monitor mounted on dash.


SmarTire sensors are mounted on the rim, inside the tire. This requires tire removal for installation of the sensors.