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Removing moisture from LNB

by Ron Ruward

Water (or moisture) in the LNB window of a satellite internet dish will limit or completely suppress signal strength and prevent operation of the system. Ron describes how to disassemble the LNB, dry it out and reassemble it.

The best way I know of to remove the moisture is to remove the transmitter/receiver assembly and dry it out with a hair dryer.

On the back of the horn, the part that has the window, you will find four allen head screws that secure the waveguide to the horn. Remove these screws, being carefull not to lose any screws or the O-ring.

On the transmiter there are two bolts that secure it (the transmiter) to the arm. Remove these bolts. Now you should be able to remove the transmitter receiver assembly. Be very careful not to bend or damage the waveguide that connects the receiver to the transmitter.

Dry out the horn assembly being careful not to use too much heat that could damage the plastic window. Inspect to insure there is no moisture in the wave guide that connects to the horn assembly.

When dry, reassemble in reverse sequence using some vaseline on the O-ring.