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Medical insurance for Canadians visiting the USA

Edited by Tom Jones

Visitors to the U.S. should be aware that medical costs here are astronomical and you are advised to obtain medical insurance before arriving.

Forum member Doug Jardine contacted the BC Automobile Association, with whom I he has emergency road service coverage for his passenger vehicle. They confirmed that they would provide medical coverage for Doug's trips to the USA.

Doug purchased a year-long policy that provides for multiple trips each of which not to exceed 14 days for himself and his wife. The policy included coverage for pre-existing conditions, although the premium was higher.

Forum staffer Steve suggests contacting the Canadian Snowbirds Association. Their annual promotional fairs claim they will try to accommodate just about everyone with their Medipac insurance. If you have difficulty with the person you speak to on the telephone, tell them you wish to speak to their underwriters for special consideration.

It should be stated that most, if not all, insurers of Canadians visiting the U.S. exclude pre-existing conditions including conditions where the treatment or medication has been altered within a specified time prior to travel. Other insurers will limit the insured time, so if you want to renew the coverage you would have to return to Canada every two or three months to re-instate your coverage.

Age and pre-existing medical conditions will greatly compromise your ability to receive blanket coverage for your travel to the U.S.
Note: The above information was provided entirely by Doug Jardine and Steve Pally. It is presented here for information only and travelers to the U.S. should assess their own situation and contact insurance carriers before leaving home.