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Caring for Corian

by Tom Jones

The following is a colation of responses to forum member Ian Hancock's question "Is there a polish for corian worksurfaces on the market? ours are showing signs of use i.e. slight scratching. We would like to bring them back to showroom condition!"

  • DuPont's web site has recomendations for renewing the finish on Corian. Their Corian Care Document recommends these products: Use & care liquid: DuPont Final Glaze or Hope’s Countertop Polish.
  • Some folks use DriWash n Guard polish to polish Corian. For scratches not removed with the polish folks use another DriWash product called oxygone. (Editor;s note: According to their web site, Oxygone contains no abrasives, so I don't understand how it will buff corian and remove scratches.)
  • A product called Novus, available at Tap Plastics, comes in 3 formulations from a fine plastic polish to a deep scratch remover. #1 contains no abrasives, and so would not remove scratches, whereas #2 and #3 remove fine and deep scratches respectively.
  • Corian responds to wet sanding and scratches can be removed using emory cloth, starting from 400 grit and working up to 1500 grit for a glass-like finish. The final finish is produced with a mild abrasive rubbing or polishing compound and a low speed rotary buffer. Use a 3M product intended for finishing clear coat in body shops.