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What does it take to be a fulltimer?

by Tom Jones

Most Rvers and wannabes at some time or another think about becoming fulltimers. Does this require a certain kind of person or a certain kind of disposition? What does it take to be a fulltimer? What do you do about the possessions that won't fit in your new home? I asked these questions of folks in the RV Forum and the following is a compilation of their responses. There are numerous other considerations which are discussed elsewhere in the RV Forum.

For forum member Jeff and his wife Sue, the difficult part was deciding what stuff to keep or put in storage vs what to throw away. As Jeff put it, "We seem able to agree on what goes of mine, it's the rest that takes time to resolve. "

When RV Forum staffer Ron and his wife Sam made the decision to fulltime they knew up front that this would not be a permanent move and they planned accordingly. Although they sold their primary residence, they maintained a property for future part-time living in Montana. Ron posed the following questions for folks considering fulltiming:

  • What plans do you have if either of you have a medical problem that would limit or stop your ability to travel?
  • Unfortunately we are all getting older; What will you do when it becomes necessary to hang up the keys?
  • What plan do you have if either of you decide you no longer want to live in 400 Square feet and need more space?
  • How will rising fuel costs affect you?

Forum member gonepostal cautioned:

  • You need to enjoy meeting great folks, because you will.
  • You need to enjoy seeing and getting to know new places, because there are millions of neat things scattered all over the country.
  • You need to be willing to learn because there are so many people ready to teach.
  • You need a sense of humor and a sense of curiosity and adventure.
  • You need to be able to read a map!

RV Forum staffer Ned, who fulltimes with his wife Lorna, offered this advice:

The first decision point, if you're a couple, is you BOTH have to agree that fulltiming is what you want to do. The second, and most difficult, is making the decision to do it. The rest will follow. We have been fulltiming for over 8 years and have no intention of quitting in the foreseeable future. Of course, health issues could change that, but right now, at least, we're both in good health. We had very few things that we considered important enough to not dispose of. Those are either on loan to friends, or passed on to family members, or in storage with a friend. Not much in the latter category. Once the decision is made, you will find it easy to get rid of "stuff", most of which you will never miss. If you give away something you later need, you can always buy it.