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Working On The Road

Finding Work On The Road

Compiled by Joe Lacey

Hi Folks...want to supplement your income? Joe and Kay's book "Travel while you Work" is one of the best reference books around. It specifically addresses the RV lifestyle and contains 14 pages of sources that employ people looking to supplement their income. You can find this book and other books by the

Petersons, published on the Escapees website. Or call their tollfree 1-888-757-2582.

There are several Working On The Road websites:

  • Workers On Wheels -
  • Workamper News -
  • Caretaker Gazette -
  • The Independent Wife -
  • Seasonal (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • CoolWorks -
  • for short-term jobs if you have a trade or specialty.

Stephanie Bernhagan's brand new book, "Take Back Your Life...Travel Full-Time In An RV" is a MUST READ for anyone considering the fulltime RV lifestyle. Using her experience and interviewing over 50 fulltimers, she covers everything....including finding work to supplement your income. Her appendixes address budgets, where to find work, taxes, how to find the best state to declare your domicile and much, more. $20.00.

More from Stephanie in her newsletter: WORKING ON THE ROAD

You will find camp jobs listed at

Working at an amusement/theme park can be a fun way to make money. You get to visit with guests, helping them have fun, while they forget the problems and stress of their everyday life. Here are a few amusement parks that hire RVers:

  • Adventureland Park, Altoona, Iowa. 515-226-2121, 800-532-1286,
  • (, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). This park has a campground within walking distance where RV employees may stay at a greatly reduced rate.
  • Disney World, Buena Vista, Florida, 407-828-1000, (

Go to for a listing of campgrounds in the area.

Six Flags hires RVers. Each park does their own hiring so contact the Six Flags location you are interested at.

Arline Chandler's book "Road Work: The Ultimate RVing Adventure" has a chapter titled "Real Jobs in Make-Believe Settings" which looks at jobs at different amusement parks. Her book also looks at campground hosting, working for the Corps of Engineers, working at resorts, delivering RVs and leading caravans. Arline shares these opportunities through the experiences of other RVers. Ten chapters in "Road Work" share individuals and couples unique stories of workamping. Arline also looks at how "Workamper News" can help you find jobs, how you can learn to manage campgrounds and how to become a certified RV technician.

Arline was busy working on her second book, "Road Work II" which was due to be
available in 2002. "Road Work" may be ordered through "Workamper News" at 800-446-5627(order), 501-362-2637(information).

NOTE:Stephanie's and Jaimie's web site is at

Additional work websites:

Folks, I really like the Workers On Wheels website. Here is a message that may be of interest to you:



Q. I've read your website and everyone is selling something. I'm not crafty and can't make items to sell. I can't do anything but office work and that means I need to work in big cities. I don't want to go RVing in big cities. How can I possibly earn a living as an RVer?

A. You probably can't!

People who can make a living while RVing have positive, can-do attitudes. They are flexible. They are willing to try new kinds of work. They have an optimistic outlook and determined spirit. Instead of saying what they can't do and don't want to do, they look for ways to use their talents and abilities that are both enjoyable and profitable.

An additional note.... Many working RVers are not in sales. We have profiles of these folks on the Workers On Wheels website, as well as information about various other ways to earn a living. Here are some examples:


What about a permanent job? Or at least a long term position?

There are a number of job-listing sites, and it's probably a good
idea to check several of them. Among them are:

Living in one city, job in another city? How much cost of living? One of the best I've found is at You simply specify the state and city you're leaving and going to, and the calculator does the rest. For example, it might amaze you to discover that if, as in our example, you're planning to move from Atlanta to Phoenix it might be OK to actually take a pay cut. For example, if you're making $60,000 per year in Atlanta, you only need to make about $45,000 to enjoy a similar quality of life in Phoenix.



The RV Worker newsletter is a good resource for exchanging ideas and getting questions about working on the road answered. Subscribe at Yahoo Groups or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is one from way out in left field. However, if you are creative, you might find it useful in your budget planning...

MAPS is an organization of RV volunteers that travel the 50 states working of projects for the Assemblies of God. These include building or remodeling churches, colleges and District Campgrounds. This constitutes most of our travel which allow tax deductions for travel and food while on the road or working on a project. Louis Butt

Found this in December issue of FMCA magazine:

Want to make money with your computer?  this is NOT a pyramid, nor is this a pyramid:

Both of the above allow you to travel and not be hooked to the internet. When you do stop, access the internet and check your stats. The Biz Alliance is both an educational marketing site as well as income. The promoneymail is primarily an income site.

And here is a good one: It lists when job fairs are held.