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Pat's favorite crockpot recipe

by forum member Pat

  • potatoes peeled and cut into cookable pieces (proportioned to taste, I probably use 3 lbs or more, which really gets crowded)
  • little peeled carrots (proportioned to taste, I use a lb bag)
  • couple medium green peppers cut up
  • couple medium onions cut up
  • two pounds boneless good beef cubed (I like good marbeling and used some kind of angus stuff today; whatever's good and on sale)
  • 3 or 4 whole bay leaves
  • salt and pepper
  • dabs of butter
  • one jar Heinze chili sauce (this is the magic touch)
  • maybe 1/8 cup of water shaken up in the bottle to wash out remaining sauce into the pot (I use bottled water)

I make about 3 sets of layers of these ingredients. Usually some meat goes first. Then potatoes, carrots, onions, green pepper, other stuff, so the strongly flavored things drip down on the potatoes and carrots. I don't know the size of my crockpot, but it's not the huge family size, and it's not tiny. I end up with so much stuff in there, the lid doesn't close tight for an hour or so. I use those nifty crockpot liners, which keep it from cooking over also.

I cook it on high for an hour or until I remember to stir. Then I break all crockpot rules and stir the stuff (rinse off whatever falls out and toss it back in; I mean, this pot is FULL). Every now and then I push pieces that are still raw down into the juices and bring up pieces that are more cooked. After each big stir, I keep it on high for a while to reheat. I do continue to stir now and then and usually turn it to high after each interruption to heat it back up. The rest of the time I drop it to low. Takes maybe 7 or 8 hours.

I think next time I'm going to pour all the ingredients into a large bag and stir together and then pour into the pot. Then I'll pour the chili sauce over everything in the pot.

It's incredibly tangy and tasty. My mother used to use the chili sauce in an electric frying pan with a pot roast, which is where I got the idea.