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Betty's crispy cabbage salad

by Betty Brewer

  • 1 large head cabbage (cut up/ shredded) The pre packaged cabbage would make prep easier but I have never used it.
  • 8T sesame seeds (sometimes I use less)
  • 8 tsp. slivered almonds (optional)
  • 8 tsp. green onions, I use more
  • 2 packages Top Raman Noodles (discard seasoning packet and crumble raw noodles. I put them in a zip lock baggie and crush slightly with a rolling pin. Not too fine.
  • Dressing

    Make this a day ahead and refrigerate.

    • 4 T sugar
    • 1/2 cup oil (I use Olive oil, but a light canola or Wesson would be better)
    • 1 1/2 t salt
    • 1 tsp pepper
    • 2 tsp Accent (I have left his out before but it is not as good)
    • 6 T Seasoned Rice Vinegar

    As this cools you will have to stir it. I keep tasting and add more rice vinegar to get a zippy taste. I put it in an old mayonnaise jar so I can shake it from time to time while it cools. Toss in each of the ingredients just before serving then add salad dressing last. Be careful not to add too much depending on how much cabbage you have.