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The RVers' song

The original lyrics of this song, currently the state song of Kansas, are attributed to Dr. Brewster Higley (1876) and the music to Daniel Kelley. Some of us grew up hearing it sung in the movies and early TV "westerns". I'm told the original RVing version of this song was published in Trailer Life magazine many years ago. The lyrics were modified by event organizsers at the 2005 RV Forum Moab rally, and sung by rally attendees with great enthusiasm.


Oh give me a home
That will roam where I roam,
A home that will stay where I stay.
No garden to hoe, no tall grass to mow
And a flock of new neighbors each day.

A home that will go from the cold and the snow
And park in the valley sun.
You pull in your place
and scan each new face,
And soon you have met everyone.

Folks talk of their farms
And exchange a few yarns.
They talk of their families back home.
Of their aches and pains,
And their shuffle board games
And of all the places they roam.

And the people you meet just can not be beat.
They are happy and witty and gay.
May we meet again, my neighbor and friend
As we roam on the endless highway.

Home home on the road,
Where the R-V er’s all roam
With never a fear
Of no lodging place near
Cause we’re driving our rigs as our home.