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Diesel fuel fill issues

by Tom Jones

There are two main issues with diesel filling:

  1. Poor venting that causes a slow fill. Check to be sure you don't have a pinched vent hose or a partially blocked vent.
  2. Diesel will foam as you fill, causing a premature backup in the fill tube, and preventing filling of the fuel tank. The faster the fill rate, the more likelihood of foaming. This is exacerbated on some coaches by the low angle of the fill tube and its point of entry to the tank. To help solve this, fast-fill to approx 20 gallons below your estimate of full, then slow the fill rate to avoid/reduce foaming. Slow the fill even more for the last 10 gallons.

When we first had our diesel coach, I couldn't put in anywhere near the amount of fuel I calculated we'd used. To help solve this, I followed the procedures in (2) above. Problem solved, and now my fills are within 0.5-1.0 gallon of the actual measured usage.